10 Reasons The Commodore 64 Was Such A Special Computer

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  10 Reasons The Commodore 64 Was Such A Special Computer

This stage was set for a company to come along and take the market by storm with an innovative product for the masses, and that is exactly what Commodore did. Apple, Radio Shack, and IBM introduced personal computers in the late ’70s and early ’80s that, for the first time, enabled some families to own a computer and use it at home for a variety of purposes, according to Brittanica

People found multiple uses for personal computers such as accounting, word processing, and video games. At the same time these machines entered the market, Brittanica noted, technology rapidly developed, causing computers to become ever more powerful and less expensive simultaneously. Once people got a taste for new technology, the desire to own it increased exponentially. But with the high cost of existing hardware, room existed in the market for a low-cost player to fulfill demand. 

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