10 Reasons To Stop Using Safari

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  10 Reasons To Stop Using Safari

Most people don’t have any issues with Safari, but some deal with an annoying memory error or energy error when using the browser. The browser suddenly will display the warning, “This web page is using significant energy,” and ask you to close the offending page. This error typically shows up when a single page or multiple pages are pulling more resources than normal, Apple notes. This extra power consumption causes an unexpected drain on your battery. Closing the offending windows usually restores the browser and your power consumption back to normal. 

You also may see a similar warning about the page using too much memory. The “significant memory” error is particularly annoying, as Safari will reload the web page automatically, causing you to lose form items and any other text you were entering into the window at the time. This memory error happens on both older Macs and even Apple’s new M1 Mac series of laptops, according to 9to5 Mac. Similar to the energy error, the memory error occurs when the user has multiple browser tabs open or is browsing a particularly media-intensive site. Material para Manualidades - Tienda online de materiales económicos para hacer manualidades: bisutería y complementos, scrapbooking, costura y labores. Material para manualidades

This “significant memory” error slows down both the browser and the operating system. According to Browser How, you can try to fix it by closing tabs, quitting Safari, disabling extensions, or clearing the browser cache. These procedures don’t always work, and sometimes the only way to fix the issue is to restart your computer.

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