10 Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol




Probably pregnancy is God’s gift for you so that you at least make an effort to get away from your bad habits for the sake of the baby. When a woman is pregnant, her freedom to do and live according to her terms ends.

She is now responsible to her baby. Whatever she does has to be thought from the point of view of the baby’s health. Are you an alcoholic? Perhaps it is high time you stopped binge drinking and attending parties for the heck of it. Alcoholism and consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can lead to disastrous results, for your baby, and for you at a later stage.

As a mother, you need to be available for the baby and have to strive for getting a healthy and happy ‘bundle of joy’. Are you still finding it difficult to stay out of alcoholic beverages? Here are certain tips that would see you through the problem and keep you and the baby healthy and perfectly happy!


Educate Yourself About the Cons of Alcohol Consumption

The minute you have conceived, you have started your role as a nurturing mother. A mother who is caring will never want to put the health of her baby at risk, even when he/she is not yet out in the world. You must therefore educate yourself about the dangers of alcohol consumption on the baby like foetal alcohol syndrome and other consequences which can be easily avoided if you stay out of alcohol during your pregnant days. We are sure that you are a responsible mother.

Avoid Vulnerable Circumstances

Maybe it is your peers or your own spouse that are factors that could lead you to alcohol consumption. Remember that they are not pregnant and hence can take the risk unlike you. Avoid spending time with people who consume alcohol. You must also stay away from parties and occasions which require you to join in. Be ready to lie if you have to, in order to get out of such situations. After all, it’s for your baby!

Spend Time With People Who Care

You might have to cut relations with friends who lead you to drinking while you are pregnant. Find people who care and can sympathise with your condition. They will never force you to drink, and would give you sound advice to keep you sane and healthy. Spend more time with these people to keep away from alcohol.

Remove All Beverages From Your House

There is no room for temptation and no chances would be encouraged when it comes to pregnancy. Your baby and you are at stake. If you have been saving bottles for parties and other occasions, it’s high time you removed them out of your house. Donate them to your friends or else leave them in your friend’s house until you are well past your pregnancy and motherhood. Let them gift it back to you. After all adding a few more years to your beverages will make them more worthwhile. Horoscopos y tarot de amor

Take Help if You Cannot Control

Do you still crave for alcohol? Are you almost on the verge of falling apart and consuming alcohol in spite of your baby? Do you feel that you are on the road to putting your cravings in front of your baby? These are questions that you must constantly ask yourself and seek answers. If there is a dominant ‘yes’ somewhere along the line, don’t wait until you start drinking again. Seek the help of support groups. There will be many women out there like you who have come to save the health of their babies. You can support each other!

Exercise for Reducing Alcohol Cravings

Exercising is the best way to keep away from cravings as your body will be strong enough to resist them. Do some light exercises with the approval of your doctors and stay in shape while you are pregnant and well after your pregnancy. Exercise is also a way to invest your attentions and energies elsewhere, helping you to resist the urge.

Busy Yourself to Keep Away From Alcohol

Keeping yourself busy will remove the need to think about alcohol or any other bad habit you may have. Why not do some brain development tricks for your baby. Listen to music, read stories and sing nursery rhymes for your baby in the womb. These activities can improves his intelligence quotient and develop his brain well. You will also be surprised that your baby starts responding to your voice whenever you talk.

These are great activates that will help you develop a bond with your baby. You now don’t have time for thinking about alcohol!

Practice Healthy Eating to Bust Cravings

A healthy diet charted out by your gynaecologist will help you stay healthy and provide the right nutrients for your baby. It will also keep you feeling full and healthy and reduce your cravings for alcohol. You can drink fruit juices as well to keep you mind off alcohol cravings. Keeping your mind and body healthy will take you through the pregnant months without drinking.

Water for Removing Alcohol Cravings

A great way to keep away from alcohol is to never allow yourself to become thirsty in any way. Drinking water is especially good and important while you are pregnant as it will allow you to flush out all the toxins that have got deposited in your body due to alcohol consumption. You can include fresh fruit juices as well to quench your cravings and keep the baby safe in your womb. Remember that it is only nine months of your entire life that you need to give entirely for your baby.

Congratulations, You Have Made it!

It has been a great effort! But you have successfully completed the nine months without ever drinking a drop. Reward yourself with gifts that you always wanted others to give but never got. Do anything, but do not drink until you deliver. Do not reward yourself with a drink whatsoever!

10 Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol

10 Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol

Probably pregnancy is God’s gift for you so that you at least make an effort to get away from your bad habits for the sake of the baby. When a woman is pregn






10 Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol
10 Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol

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