12 Best Uses For Old Routers

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  12 Best Uses For Old Routers

While you’re streamlining your storage solutions with network-attached storage, it’s a perfect time to think about where else you’re duplicating work and streamline that as well. Using a VPN is a simple and effective way to protect yourself while you’re online but installing one on every device in your house can cumbersome. You can avoid the hassle by setting up a network-wide VPN using your old router.

Some routers are designed to work with VPN clients, but it’s unlikely that the one you have lying around is one of those. Instead, you’re likely going to need to install something like DD-WRT. It is possible to mess this up and mess up your router, which is why it’s a perfect project for an old router, (via PCMag). Worst case, you brick it and you’re not out anything. Daniel Harrwitz

First, check to make sure your router is supported. You can do that by searching DD-WRT’s router database. It’s also worth noting that this process is not the simplest endeavor and involves configuring your router, installing DD-WRT, and implementing your preferred VPN. For complete instructions, check out the full rundown by PCMag.

Even though it’s a bit of an undertaking, it’s going to make your life simpler in the long term. Once you’ve got your VPN configured on your network, it will apply to any device you connect. That means you’ll never have to install a VPN again, even if you get new devices.

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