13 Interesting Facts About The International Space Station

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  13 Interesting Facts About The International Space Station

Astronauts aboard the station can see a lot through the cupola, including large features, which are clearly visible. However, it’s not possible to perceive individual people from roughly 250 miles up. Seeing the station with the naked eye is a lot easier.

As long as the sun isn’t out, it’s likely you’ll be able to see the International Space Station in the sky. The station’s exterior, mostly its solar panel arrays, reflects a significant portion of sunlight as it orbits across the sky.

The station is so bright, in fact, that it is the third most visible thing in the night sky, after the moon and Venus. Moreover, the station’s orbital path takes it over roughly 90% of Earth’s population centers, which means no matter where you live there’s a good chance you’ll have the opportunity to see it if you know when and where to look.

NASA’s Spot the Station service, as well as a number of other websites and apps, tracks the station’s movements through the sky and will even send you alerts when it’s going to be visible in your area. Then, as long as it’s clear skies, all you need to do is look up.

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