5 Ways To Connect With Your Baby In the Womb




Many expectant mothers just wait for their newborns to come out when they can connect with them and do all the sweet nothings that mothers do with babies. The fact is that you do not have to wait that long to connect and communicate to your babies.

By the second trimester, your baby is intelligent enough to learn and understand things and also enjoy the sounds that he hears outside his world. As a mother who wants the best for your baby, this is the right time to start teaching your baby, the basics of how to conduct themselves perfectly in this world. There are many ways by which you can connect with the baby in your womb and show him how much you care, even before he is born into your hands. Fanfics en Español


Ways to Connect With Your Baby

The power of Human Touch

Human touch is something that all human beings crave for, whether we are babies or adults. We all know that a touch can make all the difference! It is no different with babies too. To introduce him to the gift of touch, gently massage your belly and talk to him lovingly. Let him know your love in abundance. Studies suggest that the brain of a foetus who is seven months can respond to visual, auditory and tactile stimulation.

Your baby is also capable of responding to these stimulants in his own unique ways. Feel your baby’s body parts through your stomach. The same way you can feel his body, he too can feel the same for you. As you advance in your pregnancy, your foetus could start responding more to the massages that you give him. You could feel his tiny toes and nimble finger, if you are smart enough to identify them. He could just be offering his hand to you to pull him out into the world!

The Power of Talking and Singing to the Baby in the Womb

Babies respond to sounds vigorously. Talk to your baby as often as possible and allow him to hear your lullaby and other rhymes that you might want to teach him when he grows up. If research can be depended on, you can look for signs that your baby understands your voice. There could be subtle or even sure responses from him when you talk or sing.

Do not limit the sounds to only yours or your spouses. Let all the members of your family talk to him. Allow his sibling to feel him and listen to the responses that he gives. You can surely feel the responses more as you keep singing and talking. You can let him know when it is morning and night by wishing him good morning and good night. These activities could sound way too silly for some mothers. But, there is no harm in trying and you would be amazed as to how intelligent he would be once he is out of your womb.

The Power of Meditation

Connecting to the baby need not be through touch alone. Pregnancy is a stage when the, mother and the baby are one. So whatever the mother thinks and feels, the baby too can feel as his own. Find time for meditation while you advance in your pregnancy. Stress is not good for you and your baby. There could be many fears in your mind which can be put to rest through meditation.

While you meditate, think of the baby in your womb. You can give him a definite face and shape as you desire. This should come naturally as you have seen his form in the ultrasound scan and can imagine how he looks. Many mothers who do this would be amazed to see that their baby actually looks more or less the same as they have imagined it would be.

You can conduct deep conversations with your baby and let him know your fears and hopes. He can definitely sense your concerns and know your secrets. Haven’t your forefathers warned you to remain happy and bust negative thought from your mind for the benefit of the baby? They knew it all the way!

Power of Showing Love and Care

The love that you feel for the baby need not just be on the words that you communicate to him or through the touch that you give him. It should come out in other ways as well like the food that you eat to keep your baby well nourished and the arrangements that you do to welcome your bundle of joy into the world.

Babies hear and listen to the speech of their mothers. They are capable of understanding when you arrange for nannies and ensure their safety through making the nursery. They feel the love and care that your show them through your actions. They also listen to how their father deals with their mother and also how you plan for his future. Let him know that you truly care, through all the good things that you do and say…

Importance of Giving a Stress Free Environment

Stress can affect a mother’s health, thereby transferring the feelings of negativity to the baby. Therefore, removing stress from your mind and body plays a great part in making the baby more emotionally and mentally strong. Give him a stress free and relaxed environment.

Let him enjoy the peaceful surroundings that you transfer to him through your positive attitude, stress free mind, mental relaxation and physical health. All these factors put together will ensure that your baby connects well to you.

Above all, ensure that you are on a nourishing diet to impart proper mental and physical development of your baby. No amount of intelligence and mental power work if you have a weak body. Therefore the most important part of connecting to your baby is to provide him the right nutrition which will be taken through you body and help him grow well in mind, spirit and body. Once you have delivered your baby into this beautiful world, watch him grow and be ecstatic at how intelligent and beautiful he has turned out to be.

5 Ways To Connect With Your Baby In the Womb

5 Ways To Connect With Your Baby In the Womb

Many expectant mothers just wait for their newborns to come out when they can connect with them and do all the sweet nothings that mothers do with babies. The






5 Ways To Connect With Your Baby In the Womb
5 Ways To Connect With Your Baby In the Womb

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