6 Best Exercises For Pregnant Women




Pregnancy is one great reason to be the happiest person on the earth and enjoy your time, but not in bed all the time. Just get out of bed and stick to your daily routine and exercise; this will make both you and your baby  healthy.

This is the time when your weight goes bonkers and after delivery you have to work harder to fit back into your old clothes. Rather some women pile up so much of weight that shedding it is really tough task for them. Thus the best way to avoid this whole vicious circle is to stay fit by exercising while you are pregnant , say many fitness trainers who are well experienced in this field.

Before you chart out a fitness regime for yourself while you are pregnant just consult your doctor and it is very important to know which exercises are beneficial and which ones are a total no-no. If you know the perfect way and which exercise will benefit you during pregnancy, then it will be good for your baby as well as for you too.
First just check out the benefits of exercises during pregnancy so that you can motivate yourself to do some while you are pregnant.


Benefits of exercise during pregnancy:

Provides relief from stress and lower back pain too and the labour process becomes easier because exercise strengthens your pelvic muscles. If a pregnant women remains active throughout the pregnancy period the labour time for her also reduces and the breaks needed during delivery are also reduced. It is not that only the mothers get benefit from the exercising, the baby too gets good blood flow through the placental connection. Exercises increase the oxygen supply to the mother as well as the baby too.

This helps in healthy growth of the baby. If you gain excess weight during pregnancy but you have been exercising during the pregnancy period then it is easier for you to shed this extra weight easily after delivery. Exercise helps in reducing the back pain , stress level , constipation , strain, makes you feel energetic and most importantly gives you a good night sleep.

Sleeping is very important during the whole pregnancy period for the baby as well as the mother. It will make your baby intelligent and active after delivery because exercising develops the IQ in the babies in the womb itself. Since exercise reduces the risk of Gestational Diabetes so the baby is born with good body weight and grows into a healthy child too. It helps in relaxing the pelvic muscles and reduces the risk of developing any injury to the pelvic joints.

Exercises to be practised during pregnancy:

Anaerobic Exercises:

These are the special exercises where in you need to stretch your body muscles and ligaments and make them strong by taking energy from your own body. These exercises help in making your body flexible and muscles can expand easily.

Pelvic Exercise:

This is the easiest and the safest exercise which should be done during pregnancy to avoid muscle cramps and it also helps in easing your delivery too. In order to do this exercise you have to lie down on the mat or rug on the floor. Bend your legs at knees, so that the feet are flat on the floor and now keep your hands on your stomach. Inhale slowly and feel the contraction in your belly muscles. Lift up your body a little by squeezing the bottom and remain in this position up to the count of six and return back to the original position while exhaling. You can start with one set of three repetitions and increase them to four times in a day. Disfraces para niños y adultos



It is the best form of exercise which you can do during pregnancy, because it not only helps in relaxing the muscles and make them strong to deal with pregnancy pains , but also relieves stress, as it involves meditation too.


This is the best form of exercise which is being recommended during pregnancy, the reason being it helps in reducing muscular pains and makes a large group of muscles of legs and arms stronger.

Moreover when you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy the weight is out of control and exercising is really difficult swimming is one such exercise which gives buoyancy to your body thus supporting your body weight without extra effort and strain. It also improves cardio vascular system and by joining water aerobics you will improve your social network too.

Kegel’s Exercise:

These are also known as Pelvic floor exercises and help in providing a support to your pelvic floor , but make it a point to do from the very first month of pregnancy. They are especially crafted for pregnant mothers as they control the vaginal muscles and the urine flow. So they are very beneficial in preparing the pregnant women pelvic floor which has the daunting task of supporting all the organs in the abdomen and carry the baby weight too. These can be done at home by just holding your pelvic muscles while inhaling. Slowly contract them so that you also feel the vaginal contraction and slowly relax the pelvic muscles while exhaling. Try doing them in a set of three and five times.


This is the best way to pep up your mood along with exercising too. Buy some good DVD’s and do some smooth and easy steps to the tunes in your living room or you can join dance classes also. Just avoid jumping and kicking or tough steps which might do you some harm. Along with these exercises you can do walking in the natural surroundings or in the garden this will give you good amount of fresh oxygen also.

Squatting is also beneficial in making your vaginal muscles and thigh muscles strong to assist you during the delivery and it is very easy also to do them; just sit in a squatting posture with the support of bed or an arm chair and do it.

Biking is another way to exercise your body during pregnancy; you can also do it on stationary bikes at home. Biking supports your body weight too thus putting less stress on legs and thigh muscles. Climbing stairs is also very beneficial in improving the thigh muscle strength. So let us follow any of these exercises and make our pregnancy more relaxing and easier.

6 Best Exercises For Pregnant Women

6 Best Exercises For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one great reason to be the happiest person on the earth and enjoy your time, but not in bed all the time. Just get out of bed and stick to your da






6 Best Exercises For Pregnant Women
6 Best Exercises For Pregnant Women

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