6 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy




For the ones who have already tried and tested the bitter truth of pregnancy, these advises seem a tad bit taxing as they have already gone through it several times during their pregnant months. But you know how important these advises can be in safeguarding the health of your baby and its overall development.

There are a host of foods that you must avoid at any cost during pregnancy. Many women dismiss it as grandma’s remedies and put themselves in trouble unknowingly. Following these advises are important for bringing out healthy children and helping them live a healthy and happy life.

Given below is a list of foods that you must avoid during pregnancy, come what may.


Certain Fish Can Cause Mercury Poisoning During Pregnancy

Most of us a used to hearing that consuming fish during pregnancy can benefit the development of the baby well. Whilst it is true that consumption of fish are generally good for human beings, there are certain fish that you must avoid during pregnancy to safeguard the health and development of the baby.

On a general note, all big fishes are not safe during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that they have high amounts of mercury in their body as they live longer. Mercury in high amounts blocks the brain and neurological development of the baby and poses health risks to the mother as well. The fish that you must avoid are shark, tuna, swordfish, king mackerel, tile fish etc. to name a few. Fish like salmon, catfish, cod, shrimp, tuna etc. are safe if consumed in moderation.

Consuming fish also puts the foetus directly at risk of exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls which can cause low IQ and memory problems at a later stage. Fish in this category include blue fish, trout, striped bass, pike etc. to name a few. Few of these are freshwater fish and might be available only in certain areas which actually reduce the risk.

Undercooked Meat May Cause Serious Risks for Pregnant Women

Anything undercooked is unhealthy whether you are pregnant or not. When one thinks of the parasites and bacteria present in meat and uncooked meat products, you will know why it is dangerous especially during pregnancy. Meat such as pork contains tape worms that can play havoc with your body.

All other meat products must be cooked thoroughly in order to prevent bacteria from entering the body of a pregnant woman and causing damage to the foetus and the mother as well. Cooking meat at higher temperatures kills the bacteria in the meat and makes it safe for consumption. Generally, steamed cooking in pressure cookers is advisable as they effectively kill all the bacteria present in the meat.

Reduce or Stop the Intake of Caffeine During Pregnancy

For expectant mothers who cannot live without coffee and its exhilarating aroma, here is a warning note. Caffeine that is present in coffee and other beverages and soft drinks has been proved to increase the miscarriage rates during the first trimester of pregnancy. Therefore it is extremely advisable to avoid the intake of coffee and other drinks containing caffeine at least during the first three months of pregnancy. Cursos gratis en Youtube


Coffee being a stimulant can play havoc with your sleep patterns which is again detrimental to your health during pregnancy. Coffee is also a diuretic and leads to dehydration and resultant problems like leg cramps and muscles aches in women who are pregnant. To keep your overall health good, avoid consuming caffeinated drinks during the entire nine months of your pregnancy.

Eggs can Cause the Risk of Salmonella Infection in Pregnant Women

Up to 4 eggs a week is advised for pregnant women. But make sure that you go for hard boiled eggs rather than using them raw for preparing food. Uncooked eggs and eggs that are undercooked may contain salmonella which can cause serious health issues for the mother and the baby. While you buy eggs, always make sure that they are refrigerated and consumed within two weeks.

Checking the date of the eggs is important to prevent you from buying eggs that are old and hence may be contaminated with salmonella. Always get fresh eggs from reliable shops. Even if they are a bit more expensive, it is ok. At least you can be sure that they are good in quality.

Soft Cheese is Not Good While You are Pregnant

One never knows from where an infection can be picked up. To stay healthy throughout the pregnant months, just ensure that you are careful about whatever you eat. Eating the right food and making the right choices will allow you to be free from infections and disasters during pregnancy.

While cheese has lot of calcium, you must also be careful about the variety of cheese that you choose for your pregnant months. All hard varieties of cheese are safe for pregnant women as they are pasteurised at high degrees of temperatures which leads to destruction of all bacteria present in them.

However, be wary of cheese that is soft. They are not pasteurised and may contain a bacteria called listeria that can be dangerous for the baby and the mother. Listeria is present in meat products, dairy products, hot dogs etc.

Listeria can reach the placenta of the baby through the mother’s vagina and can cause miscarriage in the first trimester. In later stage it can cause fever, chills, muscle aches and diarrhoea and can even cause death of the mother. Statistics show that pregnant women have 20 times more chances of getting listeriosis than the general public.

Liver Must be Avoided During Pregnancy

Consuming liver can cause dangerous complications and birth defects in the baby. Liver contains excessive amounts of vitamin A in the form of retinol. The body does not need vitamin A every day as it is capable of storing it for future use. Hence, one must avoid intake of liver during the pregnant months.

Pregnancy is a very responsible phase for the mother. Everything that she does has a good or bad effect on the baby. Make sure that you do only things that are beneficial to the baby.

6 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

6 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

For the ones who have already tried and tested the bitter truth of pregnancy, these advises seem a tad bit taxing as they have already gone through it several






6 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy
6 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

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