6 Ways To Boost A Baby's IQ In The Womb




When you are pregnant, you want the world for your baby. You prepare everything for the impending arrival and keep rhymes and books ready to pamper hi silly! But did you know that you can boost your baby’s IQ while he/she is in the womb?

Isn’t it good that you can actually improve his sharpness while you are idling your time away during the very pregnant months? Here are some sure cut ways to improve the brain power of your baby in the womb and make him a child prodigy when he is welcomed into the world.

These methods have been proved reliable by scientific research and have been used by many mothers like you to achieve surprising results. These brain rules for the baby will improve his concentration and help him develop his brain and intelligence for the coming years on earth.


Brain Games for the Baby

Diet For Improving the Baby’s Intelligence

Diet plays a far more important role in improving the baby’s brain than anything else. Whatever you do after that will be supported by a healthy diet. Omega 3 fatty acids come first in the list when you think about brain boosters. Early intelligence and omega 3 fatty acids are intertwined. You can eat fish that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and supplements that help in giving adequate amounts to your baby while in the womb.

There are also quite a few vegetables and nuts for vegetarians like walnuts, green leafy vegetables, beans, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, soybeans etc. which you can consider if you want to avoid fish due to its danger of mercury content. Eating omega 3 fatty acid will improve the development of brain in the foetus and makes him a tad bit smarter than their peers.

Sing For Your Baby and Let him Listen to Music

Isn’t it interesting to know that babies in the womb can hear sounds from the time they are 23 weeks. Their ears are fully developed by this time and they can even recognise the sounds of their mother and father and other routine sounds they hear in the outside world. You will know that it is true when you see your baby respond to the same sounds and songs that you have made hi hear while he is in the womb.

Listen to calm soothing music which will also have a calming effect on the baby. Calm music has been found to improve the concentration of babies and help them learn the art of concentration while they study in the years that they are on earth. By listening to music, you have already cemented in them the basics of learning well and with concentration and focus. He will surely climb heights!

Avoid Stress for Boosting Your Baby’s Brain

A mother’s state of mind plays a great role in improving the baby’s emotional development and intelligence quotient. A mother who is free from stress and is happy throughout her pregnancy is facilitating a peaceful and conducive environment for the baby’s emotional development. This state of being will be transferred to the baby as well, making them calm, confident and emotionally wise while he spends his time on earth. tienda de patinaje

Many a time we laugh away the advice of our grandmothers as old school when they tell us to be happy during pregnancy and not fall for depressive ad untoward thoughts. There is a scientific base to this argument and one that has been tested to perfection. After all, even if here is no scientific base, it will help you a lot if you remain calm and happy during pregnancy. The positive energy that surrounds you is enough for a smooth labour and delivery.

The Power of Touch to Improve Brain Development

From the fifth month of your pregnancy, you can feel the baby’s movements and his naughty kicks inside your stomach. You can also see the movement inside your stomach and at times if you are lucky, you will be able to see some of his body parts very clearly on your stomach, like his nimble feet, his palms and so on.

Try to connect to the baby through touching him externally. He can feel you and sense your presence outside. This will improve his sensory skills and will stimulate his brain to look for more sensations of touch and feel. Your baby is already growing intelligent with every passing day and you will feel his presence and sense already with his responses and movements when he hears your sounds and knows your actions. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see your baby make the same responses when he is born?

Talk to Your Baby for Developing his Brain

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The power of conversation is can be exercised when your baby is in the womb itself. Talk to him whenever you can. Let him know how much you love him ad care for him. Introduce him to other sounds. Let him hear his father, siblings and his grandparents talk. Give him a strong family base while he is in the womb. Babies in the womb learn to understand what you are saying through constant communication. This will speed up their language development when they are born. They will also be able to recognise the sounds that they have heard while they are in the womb when they come out.

Read and Sing Aloud to Your Baby

Already vexed about the teaching sessions that you might have to go through while he comes out into the world? Why don’t you start now when you have all the time in the world? Let him listen to your alphabets and learn to count. Sing the nursery rhymes every day and send him to sleep. Let him wake up with a fresh nursery rhyme and learn to repeat the alphabet song along with you. What joy is better than these simple activities that you can do with your baby while he is in the womb?

You will have a smooth and easy transition and a much less stressful time with your bundle of joy when he has to learn these rhymes by heart while he is in school. He has already learnt it years ago and no one needs to teach him again!

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6 Ways To Boost A Baby

6 Ways To Boost A Baby's IQ In The Womb

When you are pregnant, you want the world for your baby. You prepare everything for the impending arrival and keep rhymes and books ready to pamper hi silly! B






6 Ways To Boost A Baby
6 Ways To Boost A Baby

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