6 Ways To Prepare For Visitors After Baby's Arrival




Giving birth to a baby is a tremendously enjoyable as well as stressful experience. If you have had a caesarean section, all you would want to do is to take rest and relax at home. But the arrival of a baby is not just a joyous occasion for the parents, but for all the people around you as well.

This would mean that you are going to be overwhelmed with guests for a few days at least. While some mothers just endure the pain and remain silent and pleasant outside while guests arrive at home to see the baby, others could be curt enough to cut short the conversation and hurry off to take rest.

Both these behaviours are not acceptable. One must find subtle ways to let the guests know that you are tired and would appreciate a few days of rest and peace. For most first time mothers, dealing with annoying yet well meaning guests do not come easy. They need guidance and that is what we have put together here. Here are some tips to manage your guest list effectively so that you get that much needed peace at home.


Let Your Guests Know Your Preferences

A good way to manage the guests is to let them know in advance about your preferences. Be frank and allow them to understand your need to take rest after a C section or a normal birth. You could request them to set another date for their visit so that you can enjoy their presence as well.

Most visitors and friends do not take it personally when you request them in advance. They understand your situation and would happily wait till they can see a happier you and interact with your family members as well. You can also avoid visits in the hospital as it could be a painful exercise for you to get up and sit when the guests arrive when you would be literally in tears with the pain.

Keep Your Snacks Ready In Advance

If you do not have any problem accepting guests from day one after your hospital discharge, a good idea to manage your guests would be to keep the snacks and sweets ready beforehand. This would help your avoid confusion and trouble amidst feeding the baby and managing his crying spells.

You can keep sweets and other snacks ready before you head for your delivery. This way, all you need to do is come back and relax, and wait for the guests to arrive and shower your baby with gifts and goodies. Always make sure that your snack boxes have an assortment of food items ready without waiting for the guests to arrive and find that it is empty and you need to send your spouse out for a round of shopping.

This little thought will allow you to entertain your guests well and keep them happy. Go for snacks that are dry and can be stored longer. Dry snacks can be bought in large quantities and packed away in your cupboards.

Keep Check on Your Guest List

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One of the most essential things that has to be done while you have guests is to prepare a list of all the guests arrived with possibly the name of the gifts that they presented your baby. You can send personalised thank you notes to them by mentioning their gifts and how well your baby looks in them or likes them.

Visitors would love to hear words of praises about their gifts and how much you appreciate them. It is also a way of appreciating their visit and also keeping up good relations and friendships. Visitors who received special note of thanks for you will always remember you as polite and well mannered and wouldn’t think twice to attend other functions when you invite them. Make your visitors feel special…

Make Sure You Know Their Names

The arrival of a baby could sometimes overwhelm you with visitors. While everyone may not be from your group of friends and family, it pays if you can remember each guest by their name.  Confusing your guests with each other is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to anyone.

Make sure you note the time and names of guests that may be from your husband’s office or from his friends circle that you may not know. Let them know that you have been informed about their visit and are very happy to have them at home. Make them feel special in your husband’s absence. They would appreciate it tremendously, so would your spouse.

Limit the Number of Visitors to a Few Each Day

If it is in the initial days of your delivery, it is always better to limit your visitors to a few every day so that you are not tired and frustrated at the end of the day. Limiting the guests would also help you to interact with them more and make them feel special and well received.

It is always a good idea to let the guests visit during weekends when your spouse too would be available for reception and you are not so overwhelmed talking to everyone and making sure that all are well taken care of.

Arrange a Party for Friends and Family

For those of you who do not want to be disturbed every day with visitors, the best way to avoid visitors is to arrange a new born party at home or in some other convenient place. You can fix a convenient date when all the guests are free enough to converge and have the time of their lives.

This will tremendously reduce your tension and frustration of having to receive guests every other day at home. All you have to do now is to set a single day for receiving your guests and enjoy with them all together.

A party will have your near and dear ones as well to help you around and all the visitors will have a chance to interact with each other. A party will also be a memorable experience that will remain in the hearts of your visitors for a long time.

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6 Ways To Prepare For Visitors After Baby

6 Ways To Prepare For Visitors After Baby's Arrival

Giving birth to a baby is a tremendously enjoyable as well as stressful experience. If you have had a caesarean section, all you would want to do is to take re






6 Ways To Prepare For Visitors After Baby
6 Ways To Prepare For Visitors After Baby

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