7 Parenting Tips To Raise Smart Kids




Parents are the best teachers in the world and the children learn maximum information from their parents only. Each and every parent tries to raise their kids as a best person with good moral values. It is not easy for the parents to teach them the good habits and many a times they have to face serious problems while raising the children.

But if you take care of your childwith a little more care and smartness then you can make them multi dimensional and your bond with them will also improve. There is a mutual relationship between parents and children and the need is to make the children aware of the right values so that when they grow up they grow into good human beings. Not even a single parent leaves any stone unturned to raise their kids and try and give them the best they can.


But many times parents do give all the amenities they require for their better life and miss upon the basic necessities like love, care and attention etc. That is why sometimes fail to become good parents. If you want to become a good parent then you just need to follow some basic tips which we generally ignore and you can also become successful and loved parents. So let us find out the seven basic tricks to raise your kid smartly.

Show your Love

Many times children throw tantrums to attract their parent’s attention whenever they feel ignored but we never realise the importance of giving attention to our kids. That is why in order to attract our attention they do something awkward so that we look at them and make them feel loved. So in order to finish this feeling from their heart parents need to give their attention to them with full love and care. In order to make them feel loved the parents need to listen to their children very attentively.

Even little things should be listened with great care and attention, they should not be ignored by saying that whatever they are talking is rubbish. If you will keep on ignoring their little talks or antics they might feel ignored and might affect their mind also.

So it is very important to listen to them very patiently and appreciate and talk about whatever they do and talk about. Make them feel special by sharing their activities and talking about them. Your reaction to their activities will make them feel loved and satisfied.

Encourage them Time to time

Children need to be encouraged time and again. Many parents forget to appreciate and encourage implementing and teaching them rules and regulations. But it is very important to encourage their efforts time to time, this will make them feel special.

Like sometimes if a child scores 70% marks in exams then parents start scolding him for not getting 90% instead of appreciating the result of their child and encourage him to score 90% next time. This weakens the mental strength of the kids with time, so it is very important to appreciate them time to time be it in studies or any other activity. Fanfics de Harry Potter en Español

Never force your dreams

It is noticed many times that parents want their kids to fulfil their unfulfilled dreams. In this procedure they never bother to think or ask their child what he wants. They just want their child to follow their dreams which remained unfulfilled. Parents impose strict rules on the children like they should not do this or that or should not play this game because their parents want them to play a different game. These kinds of things affect child’s mental status badly. SO try not to impose your dreams on the child and let him play and do what he wants independently.

Make them feel safe

By the age of seven a child learns from the environment in and around him in the home, so it is very important to create a safe atmosphere in the house. Since the child learns from the people in the house only so do not scold or shout in front of the child and avoid telling lies in front of the kids.

Children observe and learn most of the habits and traits from their parents only so if you feel sacred of anything try not to show your fear in front of them , otherwise they will also start fearing from the same thing. This might lead to the development of feeling of insecurity in the child. Try to behave confidently and keep your temperament under control in front of the children so that they also become confident in life.

Decide the right Direction and Path for the child

Generally children are finicky about eating vegetables and fruits and their parents keep on pampering them by asking them all the time what they want to eat. If you will give them all these privileges then the children will impose their demands all the time, so try and develop good food habits and teach them to eat all the things.

When the child starts throwing tantrums in order to get his demands fulfilled we start getting annoyed and the child does not realise why all this is happening. So try to make them flexible and adjustable to each and every situation. DO not say no to each and every demand otherwise they will feel ignored and might feel that the parents do not listen to them.

Keep distance in Friendship too

Being friends with your kids is important and necessary but, while developing friendship they should not forget that you are their parents too. So while becoming their friend draw line so that they should treat you as friend when needed and as parents when required. Getting too close in friendship might lead to losing the respect as a parent.

Be stern on your decision

Both the parents should stick to their decision, because children play smart by convincing one of the parents if the other one has said no to something. So it is very important for the parents to be stern while taking any decision and make your child realise that it is a mutual decision which cannot be altered.

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7 Parenting Tips To Raise Smart Kids

7 Parenting Tips To Raise Smart Kids

Parents are the best teachers in the world and the children learn maximum information from their parents only. Each and every parent tries to raise their kids






7 Parenting Tips To Raise Smart Kids
7 Parenting Tips To Raise Smart Kids

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