8 Places to Travel to See the Weirdest Animals

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  8 Places to Travel to See the Weirdest Animals

The nocturnal Aye-Aye is only found on the island of Madagascar. Though she looks more like a shocked, jaundiced racoon, the Aye-Aye is actually related to primates such as chimps, apes and even humans! Unique features of the Aye-Aye include incisor teeth that never stop growing, giant ears, and a skeletal-looking middle finger that is used to sense prey. Hungry for larvae, the Aye-Aye taps on trees listening for an echo that indicates there is an insect tunnel inside. Once prey is discovered, the Aye-Aye bites the bark of that section of the tree and uses its long, flexible finger to spear the larvae. Lunch!

Where to Stay

Your best bet is a guided safari in Masoala National Park, Madagascar where the Aye-Aye is abundant. The special Aye-Aye safari with Zambezi Safari & Travel Company also includes visits to Nosy Mangabe, Andasibe National Park, and Antananarivo. When you see one, you won’t believe your Aye-Ayes!

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