8 Tips To Motivate Your Children To Get Moving In The Morning




The summer vacations are going to get over and now after a long time again you will have to buckle up in the morning as you have a task to make your child ready for going to the school. In the morning you have so many tasks to complete along with preparing him for school.

You become a superfast train which has to reach the destination in few minutes. You alone have to do everything from waking him up to making him and his Tiffin ready and then take him to the school bus. Then too sometimes either the school bus misses because he got up late or could not finish his breakfast on time.

But now you can say good bye to all these troubles and buckle up your child to get ready on time early in the morning. Follow these tips and make your mornings superfast and perfect without any glitches.


Make The Preparations In The Night

The first thing which hits your mind when you get up is what to give in the Tiffin for breakfast to your child. This is biggest task to decide what to cook for breakfast. To get rid of these troubles why not decide and make preparations in advance for the breakfast. Like if you want to cook something from spinach then clean it and chop it in the night so that in the morning you will save time.

Except for this prepare his school bag in the night only before sleeping. Check whether they have completed their homework in the night only and if not make them do it before sleeping. Make his clothes and school dress ready in the night only , iron the school dress and keep it with the tie , belt and school socks and shoes , so that in the morning the child does not have to search for them and trouble you.

Try To Allure The Kids

There must be something favourite which they like a lot. You can use this favourite thing of theirs to get the work done quickly. Like if he is fond of eating bread rolls then tells him that if he will take bath in just five minutes then you will give him bread rolls in his lunch box. This will motivate him to get ready very quickly.

Boost His Competitive Spirit

If you have two kids then the task becomes easier for you, by making them challenge that the one who gets ready earlier will win. Or you can tell them that the one who finishes his breakfast quickly will be the winner.

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There are many ways in which you can boost a healthy competition between them like you can tell them that the one who drinks milk earlier and reaches the bus stop will be the Superhero for the day. This will help in nurturing a healthy competitive spirit between the two and it will make your task easier also.

Be On Bed On Time

This is the key to getting up early and finishing every task on time in the morning. If you will stay awake late at night then you will not be able to get up early in the morning, thus all your work will get delayed and you will feel irritated and grumpy early in the morning. This disturbs the whole schedule of the day, so why not go to bed early and get up also early. Todo sobre Golf

Just in case if you are fond of watching late night serials or shows then stop doing this , rather watch them next day when they get repeated in the afternoon. If you will sleep early, the kids will also automatically learn this habit from you. This will help in setting a regular routine for everyday where everything will be correctly timed and you will also get rest in the day.

Set Time Limits and Give Warnings

It is important to give time limits for each job they do like if the child starts eating his breakfast at 7 o’clock then set the alarm for 7:30 and tell him that he has half an hour to finfish his breakfast. When the alarm rings he has to get up from the dining table. This trick can be used for getting the homework done within time.

Otherwise the kids have tendency to delay everything, they want to do every task as per their wish and stretch the time. It has been found that kids try and finish all the work which is set with a deadline. Because deadlines keep them on their toes and they want to succeed in the work by completing it on time.

Cook Portable Breakfast

Try to cook portable things for breakfast, which he can carry around and eat while roaming or doing other work. Like you can make sandwiches, parantha rolls smoothies or juice etc for breakfast. This will save his time which he will spend on finishing breakfast and you will not have to poke him again to finish his food quickly.

Let Him Miss The Bus

If he is not ready to mend his ways even after your pampering and all your efforts then let him miss his school bus for a day or two. If he does not complete his work and get ready on time and still misses the bus then straight away say no to drop him to school.

If this will happen with him 2-3 times then he will realise his mistake and will start getting ready on time to catch the bus on his own. This will be nice lesson for him to miss the school for 2-3 days, when you will not drop him to the school.

Ask The Child For Help

It is good to love your child and care for him, but pampering him will spoil him. So when you get up in the morning ask him also to get up and take his help in small and petty jobs. Like you can ask him to keep his lunch box in his bag or fill up the water bottle on his won. If the child is bit grown up then you can ask him to lay the table for breakfast or iron his school dress too. This will make him self dependent.

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8 Tips To Motivate Your Children To Get Moving In The Morning

8 Tips To Motivate Your Children To Get Moving In The Morning

The summer vacations are going to get over and now after a long time again you will have to buckle up in the morning as you have a task to make your child read






8 Tips To Motivate Your Children To Get Moving In The Morning
8 Tips To Motivate Your Children To Get Moving In The Morning

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