8 Ways To Avoid Sweet Cravings During Pregnancy




As you announce your pregnancy to the world, the world welcomes your good news with chocolates, ice creams, cakes, cookies, more chocolates…It’s only natural that pregnant women start craving for more and more of these sweet varieties.

Pregnancy is the time when you have to be very careful about what you eat. The pounds that you pile up during pregnancy can be difficult to shed if not careful. Many women are pampered to such an extent that when they are towards the end of their pregnancy, they cannot stand up on their own due to the weight they have gained.

Pregnancy is the time when you have to keep check on your sugar cravings, especially when it can affect the foetus inside your womb. Gestational diabetes is a very common occurrence and one that can leave you and your baby completely at risk.


So how best can you keep your sweet cravings under control? If you live among loved ones who feed you on a regular dose of sweets, you need to escape and find your own ways to stay in shape as well as grow in health. Here are certain ways by which you can stay out of your cravings and temptations for the dark chocolate…

Ways to Avoid Sweet Cravings During Pregnancy

Eat  a Healthy Breakfast

Many pregnant women could be getting up late and hence skipping breakfast. This will increase their intake of other snacks during the day time. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially when you are pregnant. Your baby has been hungry all throughout the night.

It is important to pep him up with some balanced nourishment which will help him grow healthily and help the mother keep away from food cravings all the time. Have a healthy breakfast and get back to sleep if you are still tired. That way, you would not skip breakfast and feel hungry for snacking in between.

Water Should be had in Abundance

The importance of drinking water during pregnancy becomes manifold as it has many other benefits as well apart from keeping you away from being thirsty. Water helps in keeping your stomach full, thereby preventing sweet cravings. It must also be drunk in order to prevent urinary infections and to stay hydrated.  A better way to curtail your sugar caving is to add fresh juices along with water so that you can enjoy the benefit of natural sweets in fruits and keep away from others that are harmful and weight gaining.

Smaller Snacks Throughout The Day

When you are hungry, you can include small snacks which are healthy like fruits and vegetables which are very healthy and provide the right nutrition. Smaller meals of 5-6 instead of three solid meals too would leave you with very little space for snacking on sweets and also prevent you from getting hungry in the interim. Make sure that the snacks that you include in your diet are not something fried, oily or sugary but things that are healthy and home made with low fat content.

Replace Fruits With Sweets Korean Beauty

Your sweet cravings should be get rid of by not keeping sweets at home. Stock your refrigerator with fruits of all types. This way, when you have sweet cravings, you have no choice but to munch on crunchy oranges and pears. You will soon get used to this regime and forget about your cravings for unhealthy sweets.

Fruits are always better and would help you stay in shape and healthy. They provide all the nourishment for your baby to stay healthy and buoyant in the stomach. They also provide you with the right energy to remain fresh and free from diseases during pregnancy.

Healthy Alternatives for Your Sweet Cravings

If you are fond of ice-creams and have been gorging on them every day to keep abreast with your sweet cravings, it’s time to look for some healthy alternatives that will still keep you well and happy. Instead of consuming soft drinks and soda, fill some fruit juices into those bottles and leave them in the fridge. They are much better in taste and nutrition than what you have been consuming all these days.

Toss all your ice cream packs out and make way for some flavoured yoghurts. If it is strawberry flavour that you like, there’s surely yoghurt with that flavour. Thankfully yoghurt is now available in all sorts of flavours and you will not have any difficulty finding the one that treats your taste buds. You will slowly like the slightly sour taste of yoghurt than the ice creams.

Small Sweets to Keep Your Cravings Small

If you still cannot stop carving for your daily dose of chocolates and ice creams, go for smaller chocolate chips rather than keep big chocolates bars in your fridge. Take a small ice cream cup instead of going for big scoops that will pack on calories in your body. Think of having chocolate coated wafers instead of chocolate bars and so on. Doing these will keep your chocolate cravings under control and prevent you from adding extra kilos to your body.

Shift Attention To Keep Your Cravings Under Control

When you have sweet cravings, you need to keep your mind off the cravings. Doing light exercises like yoga and meditation can help you gain control. It is also a good idea to keep company and talk to people around you. This will effectively shift your attention away from the cravings that you feel for sweets.

Allowing your mind to get occupied in some interesting hobby or doing other activities like listening to music etc. can help you get over sweet cravings during pregnancy.

Get Support

Many women find that they start overeating because they cannot come to terms with their new body image. The expanding waist and the pounds that are getting added on their body can sometimes take a toll on them. In an attempt to cope with the stress that they feel, they start munching on all the chocolates and sweets that they can get their hand on. If you are in such a situation, you need emotional support from your near and dear ones to get over it.

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8 Ways To Avoid Sweet Cravings During Pregnancy

8 Ways To Avoid Sweet Cravings During Pregnancy

As you announce your pregnancy to the world, the world welcomes your good news with chocolates, ice creams, cakes, cookies, more chocolates…It’s only natur






8 Ways To Avoid Sweet Cravings During Pregnancy
8 Ways To Avoid Sweet Cravings During Pregnancy

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