9 Essential Things To Buy For A New Baby




Nine long months! Finally your bundle of joy is out and ready to rock the world…But are you ready with everything he needs? Amidst the excitement and nervous tension, you could have forgotten to get a few essentials.

It is only when you actually tend to your baby that you realise that you are not ready with some of the most essential things that should have been there. Most first time mothers are ill prepared to welcome their babies home. In spite of the best advice and tremendous preparation, something is always amiss and you have to go searching for it in the last minute.

Well, this time on, you can avoid a catastrophe at home. Below is a list of essentials that you have to keep ready for your newborn before he comes visiting. Make sure that your cupboards are stocked well, preventing you the tension of last minute purchases. Welcome to motherhood!


Baby Diapers

One of the most important things that a baby requires, diapers can be stocked for at least a month. You would need loads of them every day. But make sure that you do not overstock on diapers as babies grow rapidly and you might need a change of size. So stocking too many would be a bad idea as it could turn out to be too small for them. No one can predict how fast your baby is planning to put on weight.

For a more economical option, you can choose cloth diapers that can be reused after washing. Buy diaper pins and rubber pants as well. But remember to disinfect cloth diapers by washing in hot water and with a good disinfectant solution.

Baby Clothes

Babies require clothes in a variety of styles depending on the season on which they are born. Warm and light weight clothes along with one piece dresses with snap bottoms and gowns can be used for various occasions.

For those summer months, light weight cotton clothes are the best, allowing him air circulation. Flannel and woollen clothes are essential for winter months. Socks and stockings too should be kept ready as it could turn cold at night. Shoe is not a necessity until the baby starts walking. However there are cute socks that resemble shoes that you may want to consider.

Feeding Bottle and Accessories

Though the initial three months may not require a feeding bottle, it is best to keep them ready as well in case you have issues with breast feeding or start facing problems like low breast milk. Six ounce bottles are best as a start. Along with bottles there are other things that you have to keep ready as well like a variety of nipple and nipple rings, bottle cleaners, bibs, burp clothes and pacifiers.

For mothers who are breast feeding, a shawl would be essential to cover the baby and the mother while feeding in public. Keep one or two handy even if you may not need them. Breast feeding pillows or C shaped nursing pillows are very essential to keep your posture correct and get the feeding position right. This will also give some support for your hands as well as breasts. Tostadora de pan

Crib and Baby Furniture

If you do not plan to keep your baby by your side, a crib or a bassinet is essential. You will need colourful toys for hanging on the crib and cute blankets and sheets that would keep the baby indulged while he starts enjoying the things around.  Pillows may best be avoided while he is too small as it can lead to accidents like choking hazards.

Other baby furniture that you would like to have a look at would be a swing for the baby or an all in one crib that can be double up as a swing and a rocking bed. A crib with wheels is an ideal proposition if you want to move around the house without leaving the baby alone. A rocking chair too is a good idea if you want to rock your baby to sleep while you feed her.

Toiletries and Baby Kit

Until the umbilical cord falls off, your baby needs only a sponge bath. Within a week, the umbilical cord falls off in most babies. Bath accessories that a baby would need include a big basin or a bathing tub, soft towels for wiping the baby, soaps, shampoo, baby oil, powder and baby creams and diaper rash ointments. Baby care items like nail clippers, moisturisers, thermometers and emergency medications must be kept ready as well before your new born arrives at home.

Car Seats for the Baby

A car seat is an essential item while you take the baby out in the car.  It is required in most states while taking the baby in a car. You can look for a car seat that can be fitted on to your stroller as well to keep things economical.

Diaper Bags

This is a very essential item while you travel with your baby. Babies need constant changing and even if you are out only for a few hours, you will need loads of them. Diaper bags come in a variety of sizes and can also be used for keeping other things as well which concerns the baby. Look for a size that suits your needs. They come in a number of designs that are colourful and pretty.

Newborn Toys

Photo Credit: Babiestoday.info

Brest feeding is not always a great way to keep your baby relaxed and engaged. You could think of getting some very colourful toys that can make sounds and also some pacifiers that can keep your baby calm and relaxed.  Pacifiers can give you some respite from constant breastfeeding and quenches your baby’s need to suckle.

Formula Milk

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It is always a good idea to keep an unopened bottle ready just in case you need them. You never know when problems with breastfeeding can crop up and do not want to look for formula milk in the night if your milk supply is dwindling.

9 Essential Things To Buy For A New Baby

9 Essential Things To Buy For A New Baby

Nine long months! Finally your bundle of joy is out and ready to rock the world…But are you ready with everything he needs? Amidst the excitement and nervous






9 Essential Things To Buy For A New Baby
9 Essential Things To Buy For A New Baby

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