A Foolish Decision Made By America’s First Bank Robber Led To His Confession

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 A Foolish Decision Made By America’s First Bank Robber Led To His Confession

The Bank of Pennsylvania was preparing to move into Carpenters’ Hall, but first, some work needed to be done so that the building met their needs. One of the jobs things that needed attention was upgrades to the vault doors, and to handle this, the bank enlisted the help of a local blacksmith named Pat Lyon. According to Carpenters’ Hall, Lyon hailed from England and started studying his trade at just 11 years old. By 25, he was ready to cross the Atlantic and set up shop in the English colonies.

Lyon was working on the vault doors in his shop one day when Samuel Robinson dropped by with a stranger Lyon didn’t recognize. Robinson was a carpenter and had been brought on to oversee the Bank of Pennsylvania into the building, so his appearance at the shop wouldn’t have been seen as unusual at the time. The stranger also seemed to take interest in the vault’s door locks and keyholes, but this wouldn’t strike Lyon as odd until much later. Sometime later, Lyon was walking around the city with his apprentice when he came across Robinson and the stranger having a drink. The two seemed surprised to see Lyon and their reaction didn’t sit right with him. “I don’t think they are after any good,” he told his apprentice.

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