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Hudson River meanders through some of the most iconic places in the New York City. Naturally, a Hudson River cruise will take you through various landmarks and iconic structures that the city has in store. Along with that, the cruise will give you the opportunity to witness the splendor of the American landscape. Certainly, the Hudson River cruise has plenty to offer.

Few facts on Hudson River

Hudson River mainly runs through the state of New York and form a part of the boundary of the state with New Jersey. The river was explored by an English sailor named Henry Hudson and is named after him. The river originates from the lake Tear of the Clouds located in the Adirondack Mountains. The river is 315 meters long and it ends at the Upper New York Bay.


Some facts on the Hudson River Cruise

There are several river cruises along Hudson. They offer different tour packages, including specialty cruises. So, you will get separate and suitable cruises for families, kids, and for adults only. There are some general cruises that will show the noted and historical places that come along the way. The cruises start from different departure points and may last from a few hours to even a few days.

Places to see in Hudson River cruise

There are several interesting places to visit during your Hudson River cruise. You will come across some historic places, beautiful estates and mind blowing festivals along the way. Some of the popular tourist attractions along the river side include Albany, Sleepy Hollow, Catskill, Kingston, West Point, and of course, New York City. All along the way, you will also find many historical sites, bridges, palaces and lighthouses. The castle-like Mount St. Alphansus is always a joy to watch.

Types of Hudson Cruises

There are different types of Hudson River cruises available. They have different itineraries and different features.

Hudson River Cruise

One of the most obvious options when it comes to explore the banks of Hudson River is the Hudson River Cruise. Their famous boat, Rip Van Winkle takes its passengers alongside the historical lighthouses, stunning Esopus Meadows, riverfront palaces, and Mount St. Alphonsus. The two hours long cruise starts at Kingston, in the Hudson Valley, New York. Their guided tour will help you learn a lot about the American history and culture.

Hudson Highlands Cruises

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Another big name in the Hudson River cruises is the Hudson Highlands cruises. One of the specialties of their cruise is the historic boat M/V Commander. This vessel was constructed in the year 1917 and is listed in National Register of Historic Places. Their cruise departs from three ports – West Point, Haverstraw, and Peekskill. Flexibility really seems to be the USP for the Hudson Highland Cruises. For, they have different itineraries to offer. They offer day-long cruises, sunset cruises; weekend cruises, evening cruises and all of them have different sets of places to visit.

Hudson River Adventures


Hudson River Adventure organizes cruises on the Pride of Hudson riverboats. The departure point for their cruise is Newburgh and they mainly focus on the beautiful landscapes along the banks of Hudson. Their 2 hour cruise includes visit to Mount Beacon, Bannerman Island, West Point, Storm King Mountain, Catskill Aqueduct, and Breakneck Mountain. Korean Beauty

Classic Harbor Line

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If you want a luxurious cruise down the Hudson River, the Classic Harbor Line is the option to go for.  They have luxury schooner and yachts that offer sightseeing cruises. They have a seasonal cruise that takes the passengers to Palisades which is an amazing geologic site that rises above the waterway.

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

This cruise line offers cruises that are highly educational. Designed for both adults and children, they have floating classrooms where the people on board can learn a lot about the biology, environmental science and history as they watch the marvelous sites. They too, offer different types of tours based on different themes and they span from three hours or five hours.

American Cruise Lines

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This is a company that offers the most extensive and comprehensive Hudson River cruise. Their cruise lasts for eight long days and on their ways they make stops at several points. Therefore, you can see and understand a lot. The departure point for this tour is Haddam in Connecticut. They have small ship that takes 49 passengers on board. On its way, the ship stops at six different places.

Some things you should know about Hudson River Cruise

Thousands of people visit the New York even year and many of them enjoy the Hudson River cruise. However, there are little things that you should know to make your trip more enjoyable.

• The Hudson River cruises generally operate from May to October every year. Though, along the banks of the Hudson River there are numerous places to see, most of the popular cruises restrict themselves to the lower part of the river around the Manhattan.

• Most of the Hudson River cruises are educational and they have guides on board to make you understand the place and its history better. Some of the companies offer small ship cruising which is a great idea if you want to explore the narrow channels of the river. Also, they create greater intimacy among the co-passengers.

• Many cruise companies also organize themed cruises like Halloween cruise etc. Hudson River cruise during the Fall can be a great idea if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the New York state.

• Most of the Hudson River Cruise companies offer modern amenities during the cruise. Their ships or boats carry snacks, buffets and even bars and musicians along with them so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Tips to book Hudson River cruise

Since the Hudson River cruises are extremely popular it is important that you book your cruise well ahead of your trip. You can get all the information of a cruise by just visiting their website. So, check them out and compare their deals. You can even book your cruise online. Generally, you will get some discount if you do the booking in advance. Some will reduce the price if you have a large group. You can also check out the reviews written by people who have travelled with the cruises.

Hudson River Cruises Guide

Hudson River Cruises Guide

Hudson River meanders through some of the most iconic places in the New York City. Naturally, a Hudson River cruise will take you through various landmarks and





Hudson River Cruises Guide
Hudson River Cruises Guide

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