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A Trip to Lanzarote

The Spanish island of Lanzarote is the eastern most of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. A typical beach destination, Lanzarote is also known for its ancient castles, museums, cactus plantations, vine yards,volcanoes and underground caves.

Boasting of sunny climate throughout the year, Lanzarote attracts hordes of tourists to its bizarre beauty.  The Arrecife International Airport caters to both European and International flights. Ferries transport locals and visitors to and from the nearby islands of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.

For the most part, cars are preferred to travel around the island. Quad bikes are common in the volcanic regions and isolated beaches. You can also hire carriers and coaches to take you to tourist spots on the island.


Lanzarote has its own share of bars, restaurants, and clubs to keep party goers up till morning. The liveliest areas include Arrecife and Playas Puerto Del Carmen which is also called the island’s “Golden Mile”. However, in order to enjoy a more exciting night, hop on a ferry and travel to Gran Canaria and Teneriffe where the night life embraces you.

Places to visit:-

Travel to the area closest to the Moon’s surface, the Fire Mountain, a volcano in Timanfaya National Park. The Santa Barbara Castle, the Lanzarote Markets which bustle with activities, the house of Cesar Manrique, the Guinate Tropical Park which houses nearly 1,300 species of wildlife, the Cactus Gardens and the Whale and Dolphin Museum are all must visits and need to be in your list of attractions.

One of the main tourist spots in Lanzarote is the Jameos Del Agra where lava bubbles are formed when accumulated gas is released from underground tunnels. The volcanic eruption that occurred 3000 years ago formed these massive green caves and tunnels which are miracles of nature. The El Golfo is a green lagoon situated right beside beaches filled with volcanic sand. Ratones para gaming

To get some of the best views of the island, move to Mirador Del Rio, Los Hervisdos and Femes. These regions provide some of the most spectacular sights you can get to see in one lifetime. You can also see numerous small volcanic craters in La Geria and  volcanic canyons in the valley of Haria.

Lanzarote is home to some fascinating events. Witness the Ironman Event, one of the hardest events in the world, the annual Catholic event of Corpus Christi which symbolizes the last supper, and the Carnival Event where you need to get dressed up and roam the streets all day.

Some events that have been added recently include: the event of Lanzaid, a charity event and a quadrathlon called Tres Isla.

This is no end to the amount of activities you can do in Lanzarote. The island has everything from walks, hikes, golf, cycling, karting, camel safaris and horse riding to all forms of water and air sports as well. So revel in some sightseeing and fun activities, and at the end of the day, liven up the night in a club.

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    Travel Lanzarote

    Travel Lanzarote

    The Spanish island of Lanzarote is the eastern most of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. A typical beach destination, Lanzarote is also known for its a





    Travel Lanzarote
    Travel Lanzarote

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