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When you are travelling to the United Kingdom, one of the most trusted airlines name on the list is that of the British Airways. A full service airline, operating domestic as well as international flights to and from the United Kingdom, the British Airways is known for its world class service and low fares, 365 days a year.

Its services not only extend to the passenger ferrying sector, it is also one of the leading cargo airlines in the world.

History Of The British Airways

British Airways is one of those companies that have been associated with air travel since the inception of civil aviation. With its first scheduled international flight in 1919, the British Airways began its foray in the aviation industry. By the mid 1930s, the privately owned British Airways Limited was formed by the merger of a number of smaller UK based air transport companies.


Over the years, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, conquering new territories in the field of air travel. It had even started a fleet of concords for carrying passengers. But, this was discontinued in 2000 and new aircrafts were introduced to its growing fleet.

Flight Information

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The British Airways holds the proud reputation of having some of the best quality planes in its fleet. It has everything from the Boeing 777 and Boeing 747 to Boeing 737, Airbus 321 and other modern aircrafts. So, the next time you are thinking of flying British Airways, consider the modern facilities that you’ll be availing.

Booking tickets for this airline is not a big deal and can be easily done over the internet. Options for choosing the boarding and destination city can be easily selected from the drop down menu on the site and accordingly, travel dates can also be chosen. And if you are looking for some extra space or wish to book a window seat, make your preferences known even before booking the ticket.

The range of travel classes allows all kinds of travellers to find a seat within their budget. It has something for everyone and aims at making the journey enjoyable for every passenger. While the Economy class offers best value fares, the Premium Economy allows the travellers to experience a comfortable journey. However, if you upgrade to a business or first class, you can be assured of travelling in style.

On Board Services

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When you are travelling with the British Airways it is bound to be a fulfilling experience. With a range of on board services it will certainly make your journey a pleasant one. To start off, you can be assured of the best quality in-flight meals when you are boarding a British Airways aircraft.

The company tries to deliver its best services with carefully prepared meals that take care of the passenger’s needs. Often seasonal ingredients are also included in the menu. Effort is also taken to include fresh ingredients for cooking the foods served during the flight. It is also cooked by some of the renowned chefs and you can often taste regional delicacies on board a British Airways flight. Scifi books reviews

A special menu is also prepared for the kids and takes into account the nutrition requirements of younger travellers. Many of the flights offer complimentary drinks, tea, coffee and even snacks. Early morning flights also provide the option of choosing a delicious English or Continental breakfast. And if you are travelling first class, feel free to order anything from the a la carte menu and it will be served to you at a preferred time.

If long flights were always boring, it will not be so mundane if you are flying with the British Airways. It has devised several ways to lighten your mood and make your flight enjoyable. The fascinating range of in-flight entertainment options would keep you hooked to it and would let you enjoy a wonderful time.

Different types of family titles, blockbusters as well as classic movies are offered to the passengers. You can choose to enjoy any of these during the flight. And if you wish to enjoy some good music, opt for the musical collection from the huge CD library or tune into your favourite radio station.

However, if you think that a long flight wouldn’t let you catch up on the latest match or a television program, you need to think twice. British Airways has included some of the best sports, dramas, comedies and television programs to its entertainment archive and you can enjoy all of it.

British Airways Takes Care Of The Health Of Its Passengers

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British Airways is committed to make every passenger comfortable. As a result, to ensure the health and well being of its passengers, a dedicated health and well being sector has been opened. It enlightens passengers about the things they should be doing on board to ensure that they remain in good health.

So, if you have any medical condition or have to take some medicines along with you, get in touch with the health and well being team and they will advice you about the necessary precautions that you must take. They are also willing to equip you with useful tips and advice that will help you to enjoy the flight, without being uneasy. An effective guide for recovering and managing jetlag has also been devised by this team.

In-Flight Shopping

If we are running a tight schedule, it often becomes a problem to pick up a few things for family and friends. But, if you are travelling by British Airways, you can enjoy the benefits of in-flight shopping.

Last minute gifts can be easily purchased from the shop and you can pick up things like Thomas Sabo Starfish pendants, fantastic handbags and a vast range of beauty products, watches, toys and games. And if you have missed out on some travel essentials, feel free to choose some from the in-flight shop.

The in-flight Highlife magazine can also be purchased on board a British Airways flight. It is a good read and offers an opportunity to go through some amazing travel based articles.

About British Airways Airlines

About British Airways Airlines

When you are travelling to the United Kingdom, one of the most trusted airlines name on the list is that of the British Airways. A full service airline, operat






About British Airways Airlines
About British Airways Airlines

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