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Our Mission is Love.

At NLv we believe, above all things, that the greatest gift of life is LOVE! We believe that LOVE really does conquer all things, and that a life without love isn’t only not worth living, but is, in fact, not even life. It is something more base and more bland and more terrifying.

With this in mind, our aim at Nubian Lovebirds is to share the fruit of this Love and the collective experience from people all around. We are a community that seek to foster and reinforce the therapeutic potential of love in anyone who would be willing.

To keep calling or keep cool? – Serenity

Are you in love with love? Do you crave to love and be loved? Do you see the light of love all around and want to experience it for yourself? Do you want to share your experience of just how beautiful love is? Have you found it but unsure how to keep it? Are you going through a rough patch in your relationship and not sure how to fix it?

Nubian Lovebirds is here for you. Our mission is love. We love you, and with your help, we’ll help you believe in love again!

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