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The Republic of Gambia is a country of West Africa. The Gambia is the smallest country of the African mainland. Gambia is situated along the river Gambia and shares a small coastline in the west with the Atlantic Ocean. The climate of Gambia is sub-tropical and has two seasons, wet and dry.

This country was subject to the slave trade of the early times and that could be possible through the River Gambia. The country enjoys the advantages of a stable government still most of the population is living under the poverty line. The country thrives on farming and has a gift of agriculturally fertile land.

The other dominating practices of this country are fishing and tourism. The Gambian music and dancing is famous and is influenced by the varied cultures of the small country. The most celebrated games in Gambia are soccer and boxing. The religion mostly followed by the local public is Islam and Christianity.


Gambia has a gift of a wide range of landscapes and diverse scenery, rich in fascinating flora and fauna. The dense forests and unique wildlife are some of the striking features of the adventure travel to Gambia, Africa. The location of the country along the River Gambia and the Atlantic Ocean coastline has given it a gift of a variety of marine plants, animals and birds some of which are exclusive to this country. The tourists traveling to Gambia are awed by the beauty and tranquil environment of the forests.

Sailing And Water Sports

Adventure travel to Gambia, Africa gives sufficient opportunities for recreational water sports, boating and sailing. The well kept and protected wet lands of Gambia are rich in all the adventure that a tourist desires. The Tanbi wetlands situated near the River Gambia is a place for a great boating experience during which the marine life can also be explored.

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The hippos and marine birds are a beautiful site to watch through the boating excursions. The James’ island is a lovely and beautiful place for a life time experience of shark viewing and cage diving. The Sharks are amongst the most feared marine animals and for those who love to have an adrenaline rush this is a do not miss opportunity.

Dolphins are the friendliest, loved and intelligent marine residents; they can be spotted at the Jinack Island in Gambia. Other recreational water sports practiced in the River Gambia are swimming, snorkeling, diving, cruising and fishing. Snorkeling is a very safe way of swimming on the surface of water with an oxygen mask and a short tube called the Snorkel.

Wildlife Safaris

The Baboon Island or The River Gambia National Park is a place of scenic terrain where animals can be observed in their natural habitat. The River Gambia National Park traverses a wide range of landscapes and a variety of flora and fauna. The beautiful baboon islands have many surrounding islands too which are packed with Baboons, swamps, dense forests and rivers. This island is also famous for the chimpanzee rehabilitation centre which is a home to many sick and recovering chimpanzees. Fanfics en Español

The Abuko Nature Reserve is a national park and the first designated wildlife reserve of the country. The trees in this forest reserve are up to thirty feet high and mostly comprise of oil palm, mahogany, iroko and anthocleista procera. The three species of monkeys found on the reserve are vervet, red colobus and patas.

Other animals such as antelope, squirrel, porcupine, African palm civets, mongooses, galagos and Crane rats are among the major attractions. Some rare species of reptiles found in these protected forests are monitor lizard, Nile crocodile, dwarf crocodile, spitting cobra, black cobra, python, puff adder and the green mamba. The adventure travel to Gambia, Africa is an experience which one will be compelled to appreciate.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is an extremely patient hobby or profession to pursue. Bird watchers or Birders study and observe the birds and their habits in their natural habitat. The Gambian wilds are home to more than Five hundred forty bird species. The adventure travel to Gambia, Africa for Ornithologists and bird lovers will prove to be satisfying and memorable. The Gambia’s most famous bird is the Egyptian plover which is popularly known as the Crocodile Bird.

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This bird has a mythological history to support its name which says that the bird climbs in the mouth of the crocodile to feed on the decaying meat lodged between its teeth. The special feature of this beautiful bird is that it lays its eggs inside the sand. Abuko Nature Reserve is among the most important place for Birders.

This reserve is home to over three hundred bird species. Many migrating birds flock to this small country in different seasons for nesting and hibernating. The MacCarthy Island is famous for birds and camping. Bird safaris and bird watching camps are setup on various sites for bird lovers to enjoy and study the birds.


Backpacking, Trekking or Hiking refers to moving on foot in areas where the means of transport are less or none like in hilly areas of scenic beauty or hiking trails. While backpacking a backpack of essential items required for traveling on foot or overnight stay is maintained. Tents, clothes, food, water and useful equipment are general items of requirement. It is advisable to keep a local person of that area while walking on trails or wilderness for safety and direction purposes.

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While boasting of adventure travel to Gambia, Africa a night stay in the wilderness is a must. While trekking and hiking on the trails one can get a chance to witness the cultures of the tribal areas and native people.

Certain things that have to be kept in mind while visiting the local and tribal people like they do not like receiving any item from left hand of a person. The tribal people are very religious and demand respect for their rituals. Proper care should be taken while spending time with them it is always better to have a local guide handy.

Adventure Travel To Gambia, Africa

Adventure Travel To Gambia, Africa

The Republic of Gambia is a country of West Africa. The Gambia is the smallest country of the African mainland. Gambia is situated along the river Gambia and s





Adventure Travel To Gambia, Africa
Adventure Travel To Gambia, Africa

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