All About Prince William’s Exes

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  All About Prince William’s Exes

Prince William has dated women with impressive resumes, and his ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig is no exception. Craig, who hails from England, is all about conservation and animal activism. Per the Daily Mail, she’s been affiliated with a number of nonprofits aimed at conserving wildlife, including Stop Ivory, which works to protect elephants from the ivory trade. 

Craig comes from an influential family. Her father owns Lewa Downs, a conservation ranch in Kenya, which the future King of England once visited, prompting his love for conservationism. “Touching an elephant, seeing it lying there in front of you breathing very slowly, its enormous ribs going up and down, and picking the trunk up and listening to the breathing coming out of [it] in your ear — it’s a really special, very privileged experience. And that, for any young guy, is like: ‘Wow, this is cool,'” Prince William once said, per Daily Mail. Recetas de comidas rapidas y fáciles de preparar, con ingredientes ecónomicos y baratos Comidas rápidas

Prince William and Craig met while he was visiting Kenya in 2000, and the trip’s impact seems to have had a lasting effect on him. There must not be bad blood, though. Prince William attended Craig’s 2016 wedding to Jonathan Baillie, per The Telegraph, which was held at Lewa Downs. Craig is still married to Baillie, a fellow conservationist, and they share two children.

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