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The best way to enjoy a holiday wholeheartedly is to book the vacation as one complete package instead of paying for each component of the holiday individually. In addition to being more expensive, the idea of dishing out extra money for additional amenities at the destination leaves you with little peace to enjoy the holiday with your family.

Booking the holiday as a whole gives you the advantage of taking care of travel, accommodation and food in one go; and many resorts and hotel chains around the world offer attractive travel packages to lure customers. One such kind of package is the All Inclusive Board Option Package.


Offered by innumerable hotels and resorts, the All Inclusive Package is very popular with families and couples. The prospect of paying for the entire holiday beforehand and not needing to pay anything afterwards can be quite interesting. However, what one fails to notice while booking an All Inclusive Package is the features and amenities included in it.

The term All Inclusive generally would signify that the package would include everything the hotel or resort has to offer guests. However, the truth is far from it. It is highly recommended that you check the details of the package before agreeing to book it.

Here are a few standard items and features that may or may not be included in an All Inclusive Package.

Membership : Some resorts require you to pay an annual membership fee to enjoy their facilities and services. For example, Club Med Resorts around the world ask guests to pay a yearly fee in addition to booking the All Inclusive Package. This entitles you to freely access all the extra items that are not offered with the original package.

In the case of Club Med Resorts, upon paying the yearly fee, guests can avail the onsite and beach sporting facilities in addition to using the fitness centers and spas.These amenities are normally not included with the holiday package.

Accommodation: With an All Inclusive Package, the rooms are generally paid for in advance. However, in most resorts, some of the general amenities offered in the rooms need to be paid for. For instance, extra beds, baby cots and cribs can acquire and extra cost.

You may need to pay for safety lockers that are free in other resorts. And in the case of extra services, you may need to pay for room service, laundry and daily maid services. Of course it’s not the same with every hotel and these services are generally free in many resorts.

Cuisine Considerations: The most important part of an All Inclusive Package concerns the meals and drinks that are offered by the hotel or resort. While some resorts offer only breakfast and dinners, others include lunches as well. Korean Beauty

Some hotels offer snacks at select times of the day in addition to drinks which are included in the package. Other hotels however, require you to pay extra for these supplements. You can enjoy unlimited non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks in some resorts while you would have to pay for either alcoholic drinks, non alcoholic drinks or both of them in certain resorts.

Another point to be noted is that when booking an All Inclusive Package, you would have access to almost all the restaurants in the hotel or resort except for specialty restaurants in some hotels that need to be paid for separately. For example, if you have booked an All Inclusive Package Holiday to the Conrad Rangali Island Resort in Maldives, you can dine at any one of the 8 restaurants and bars. However, the Ithaa Underwater Restaurant needs special booking at an extra cost.

General Amenities and Activities: Most of the hotels and resorts in the world offer free access to their onsite amenities like fitness centers, tennis courts, games rooms, spas and dive centers. However, in some resorts, you would have to pay for each of these services.

Some resorts offer free use of the onsite tennis courts and dive centers but require you to pay extra for equipment rentals like tennis racquets, skates, and scuba dive equipment.

Almost all the resorts and hotels in the world offer onsite entertainment shows and sometimes, these shows are offered as a part of the package. The number of shows differs with each hotel and sometimes you may have free access to the entertainment shows for adults but find that you need to pay for the kid’s shows.

If you are traveling with children, you need to make note of the facilities that are free for your children. For example, your children may have free access to the hotels’ mini club and playground. You may have to pay for use of these facilities in other hotels. Nannies and babysitting may also come with the package or for an extra cost.

Off Site Activities: Most of the resorts around the world boast of offering plenty of offsite activities for guests to enjoy. What you need to check is whether these activities come as part of the package or need to be paid for.

An advantage in this is that you get to pay for only those activities you are interested in and leave out the rest rather than paying a huge sum of money for a horde of activities you may not even think of doing.

These are the major points you need to take care of while booking All Inclusive deals. Be sure to ask the agency or hotel to furnish the list of features that are included in the package before you finally approve it. Being smart while planning a holiday is all about getting the best deal for the best possible price. So take care and enjoy a smashing vacation.

All All Inclusive Package Holidays

All All Inclusive Package Holidays

The best way to enjoy a holiday wholeheartedly is to book the vacation as one complete package instead of paying for each component of the holiday individually





All All Inclusive Package Holidays
All All Inclusive Package Holidays

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