An Easy, Breezy BEV That Stays In Its Lane

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  An Easy, Breezy BEV That Stays In Its Lane

As another collaboration with Subaru, the bZ4X is the twin of the Solterra, with the main differences being the Subaru is exclusively AWD and its black body cladding has a matte finish versus the glossy Toyota bits.

The “bZ4X” designation does have a purpose, in case you were wondering. “bZ” stands for “beyond zero,” as Toyota is making moves to be valuable to customers beyond just being carbon neutral. 4 refers to the size, and X means SUV. See? Simple.

bZ4X rear hatchAlex Kalogiannis/SlashGear

Included as standard is Toyota’s Safety Sense system that packs in dynamic cruise control pre-collision detection, lane departure alert and automatic high beams. In terms of tech, the centerpiece of the bZ4X interior is a 12.3-inch touchscreen thats host to a number of systems. This works with a 6 speaker sound system, and is compatible as standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa. With all these phones abound, you’ll need places to charge them, so there are four USB-C ports in the cabin, two of which are in the rear, and one USB-A port up front. You phone will also come into play thanks to Toyota connected services, which let you connect remotely to the car through an app. This app works as a digital key, helps find public charging spots, and monitors the car’s charge level.

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