Anthony Mackie Spills Major Wakanda Forever Production News

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  Anthony Mackie Spills Major Wakanda Forever Production News

Anthony Mackie was on hand at the 2022 Grammy Awards as a presenter, and confirmed that “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” has officially wrapped filming. In an interview on the red carpet, Mackie paused when asked whether he will appear in the “Black Panther” sequel before denying it, but he suggested that he has spent time on the film’s set.

“I am not [in the movie], but I’ve seen [it], I’ve been there, I’ve witnessed,” Mackie said (via Twitter). “I’m very excited for everybody to see ‘Black Panther 2,’ just wrapped. It’s in the can, it’s coming, it’s done.”

As noted, social media activity from some “Black Panther” crew members had indicated in recent weeks that the movie was almost finished filming, but Mackie’s confirmation seems to indicate that the MCU will make its return to Wakanda as scheduled on November 11, 2022. Mackie being the MCU actor to confirm details about the “Wakanda Forever” production process is curious, though. He’s not listed as a cast member for the upcoming movie, so it’s possible that Mackie simply wanted to spend some time on set with Ryan Coogler and the cast as he awaits the development of his first true starring role in the franchise, in the upcoming “Captain America 4.”

Given the ongoing relationship established between the world’s new Captain America and Wakanda in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” perhaps Sam will make a trip to Wakanda (and to our screens) sooner than audiences thought.

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