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Assisi – Resting Place for Italy’s Patron Saint

Assisi is a medieval town in the rolling hills of central Italy. It is quite small, but incredibly picturesque. St Francis, Italy’s patron saint and founder of the Franciscan order, was born here. The town’s main attraction is the 13th century Gothic architectural masterpiece, Basilica di San Francesco. It contains the mortal remains of the Saint and several wonderful frescos done by Giotto depicting his life. Assisi, with its magnificent churches, ancient Roman relics, winding narrow streets and sacred shrines has been a major pilgrimage destination for centuries. You don’t have to be a believer of Christian faith to marvel at the aesthetically pleasant architecture and serene ambience of this wonderful town.


A wonderful hill town

Assisi’s origin lies in the Roman era. It developed during the Middle Ages and protected by defensive walls with eight fortified and still well preserved gateways. Prominent amongst these archaeological structures are two medieval castles.

Medieval Castles

Rocca Maggiore is the larger castle. It is indeed a massive and awe-inspiring structure built in the mid 14th century. Later on Popes Pius II and Paul III extended the castle further. The smaller castle was built during the Roman period and is now in ruins, but still looks magnificent. UNESCO has recognized these monuments collectively as World Heritage Site.

Getting around

In this small town there are a number of fascinating sites of both historical and religious importance.

Take a taxi and head for the 15th century monastery, Eremo delle Carceri – also known as the Hermitage – built on the slopes of Mt Subasio in the midst of oak forests. This complex was built over the grottoes where the Saint and his followers had retreated in the 13th century for prayers and meditation. St Frances was a great lover of nature.

There are three museums that you mustn’t miss. Located in the Brasilica of Santa Maria degli Anngeli, the Porziuncola Museum, has a collection of religious iconography and various pieces of religious artwork. You will find the Cathedral Museum and Crypt of St Rufino in the St Rufino’s Cathedral. Various archeological and religious objects are on display here. You can see a wide collection of Umbrian and Roman antiquities at the Civic Museum and Roman Forum. Blog sobre psicologia


Assisi isn’t all churches and museums. This fascinating town is also a good choice for shopping. Business is brisk and most shops remain open during siesta time. Close to the Basilica where St Francesco is buried are many tacky shops selling Italian souvenirs. If are looking for something more substantial then venture into the side streets. There are shops here selling good leather goods, embroidered fabrics, olive oil and plenty of ready-to-wear garments.

Night out

There are some trendy bars and many good restaurants in Assisi. Go to Le Colombe at the ancient castle Rocca Sant’Angelo overlooking the Chiascio River Valley, just outside this pretty town. Ideal place to enjoy an evening. Lunch could be arranged for a small group.

Sorella Luna restaurant is located near the little church of Porziuncola inside the Santa Maria degli Angeli Cathedral. It is a large restaurant serving lunch, dinner and cocktails.

There are many good places for eating out. Try the Valle di Assisi Hotel and Resort. Along with the delicious Umbrian food, also enjoy Assisi’s magnificent panoramic views.

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    Assisi Travel

    Assisi Travel

    Assisi is a medieval town in the rolling hills of central Italy. It is quite small, but incredibly picturesque. St Francis, Italy’s patron saint and founder





    Assisi Travel
    Assisi Travel

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