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Teenage is such an age where there is just a dream land we live in and it is far away from the realistic world and it is very important to understand this age because a simple silly mistake can spoil the whole life of a teenager. Childhood and teenage are the only two stages in life where we can frame the best personality of our kids as we want.

Since at this crucial stage the child learns and practices whatever he is taught at home by the mother, so the role of mother becomes very important in childhood as well as teenage. For a girl her mother is the best friend who can solve the various kinds of questions coming in her mind when she is a teenager.

There are major changes going in her body and due to hormonal change also there are various changes in her thinking too she is unable to understand what is happening to her body, so she has trillions of questions which can be best answered by her mother only.


This is such a tender age when the world is expanding for your daughter and she is learning and getting the real exposure of this world. There are so many things which daughter might want to ask but she does not get the correct resource to find the answer and here it is your duty to help her and understand the teenage girl.

This is the right time when you can develop a new friendship with your daughter, a friendship where your daughter is comfortable enough to share all the questions coming to her mind and share all her secrets with you. So instead to putting restrictions why not understand her and make her understand your point of view. Teenage is very delicate age so giving right direction to your teenage daughter is your moral responsibility.

Physical and Mental Changes

This is the age when your child is undergoing severe physical and mental changes and when she is going through these changes she must be having a lot of questions about these changes and on the other hand the parents start becoming stricter during the teenage. So instead of just putting restrictions on your teenage daughter be a friend and tell her about the physical changes she is going through in detail, so that she can understand the importance of these changes and deal with them nicely.

Buy the required inner wear or lingerie when you feel the time is right. Generally girls hit puberty at the age of 12-13 and start getting their periods, so it is mother’s duty to inform her about the onset of periods and educate her about the menstrual cycle too. This will make her mentally as well as physically prepared for the periods and she will not get worried when she will get her first period.

Teach her how to maintain proper hygiene during periods. During teenage since there are many hormonal changes too in their body so they feel irritated quite often and might get angry very quickly, so instead of losing temper you should try to support them emotionally by being patient with them.

Do not put restrictions Todo sobre Pinganillos

Generally it is tendency of mother’s to feel worried about their daughters, but when their daughter is stepping into teenage then the responsibility of a mother increases. Parents start putting restrictions on all the things like they are asked to study all the time, there are restrictions on making phone calls, watching TV or internet surfing etc.

Regarding friends they are being asked to be friends with only those girls or boys whom their parents like. Sometimes the girl is treated like a small child and sometime she is asked to behave like a mature girl, so they do not understand what to do to make their parents happy. So instead of being a rule imposer all the time behaves in friendly manner and tell her the difference between wrong and right.

Show your faith

Mother’s generally support their daughters in a positive manner but sometimes the way of showing support is wrong and it creates many problems , so it is important that you should show total faith on your daughter. Do not interfere in choosing her friends but rather be aware of all her friends in her friend circle. DO not interfere if she has boys as her friend or do not stop her from going to parties otherwise she will feel that you do not rely on her.

Mothers should keep the generation gap in mind and then tell her what is good for the daughter and why she is doing so. Listen to her view point too, if she is attending college then she will be friends with boys too and till the time she is friends with good people there is no harm.

Make her responsible

In this age of competition girls do not have time but then too make it a point to give them small responsibilities of house to do. While taking important decisions of the house she should be involved and her opinion should be valued. This way they will feel important and become more responsible in life.

Understand their problems

In teenage she might become irritated very soon, get angry on small things, become hyperactive, or starts thinking too much, but just do not lose your temper and try to understand that this happens with every teenager. Talk to them and find out a solution for their problem. Do not start behaving like a detective with your daughter rather give her some privacy too, too much of restrictions will make them more rebellious.

Shower love on them

During teenage girls try to search answers on internet and make new friends also on internet and chat a lot but do not get angry with them , rather make them understand calmly the negatives of collecting information from internet.

During this stage of emotional disturbance try to be guide to them and make them feel loved and cared for. Tell your daughter about the limits she should keep in mind while making friends with opposite sex. Tell her how she should choose good male friends who will be good for her and what she should look for in them.

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How To Handle Your Teenage Daughter

How To Handle Your Teenage Daughter

Teenage is such an age where there is just a dream land we live in and it is far away from the realistic world and it is very important to understand this age





How To Handle Your Teenage Daughter
How To Handle Your Teenage Daughter

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