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Chemical bath products are harmful for adults not to mention babies. Babies have extremely sensitive skin that is very responsive to foreign agents. Chemical bath products can have serious effects on the skin of a baby.

A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and it is not used to and neither can it protect itself from the harsh chemicals which are present in chemical bath products.

It is your duty to keep your baby safe

It is the duty of the parents to keep their babies safe. Keeping their babies safe includes giving them a healthy diet, protecting them from external substances and also protecting their sanitary habits. Sanitary habits include bathing and toilet habits those require special attention. This is because a number of germs and bacterial substances are transferred by this process. Hence special care should be taken about the baby’s sanitary process.


In this sphere, parents should take care that their children receive warm baths those are organic and chemical free. Bath products such as soaps, washes and shampoos those are made of chemical products are harmful for baby’s skin because the chemicals can react with the baby’s skin and cause skin problems such as rashes and eruptions.

Harms what chemical bath products cause to babies

Babies have soft and very susceptible skin that should be protected from artificial and synthetic substances. Bath products those are made from chemicals contain ingredients which react very harshly with a baby’s soft skin. Hence, for babies bath products those are made from natural or organic substances should only be used.

Several studies in the field of pediatrics show that seventy five percent of all new born babies are susceptible to rashes especially during the first few months after their birth. With an ever increasing array of consumer products for every need and requirement, baby bath products are not far behind. All these products such as soaps, shampoos, powders and so on, which claim to be super soft clean and with moisturizing properties for your baby’s skin. However, most of these products are made from artificial and synthetic substances.

A baby’s skin needs mild substances which provide relief to the skin. However, the chemicals contained in most bath products for babies have substances those are very strong. These substances act in an abrasive manner on the baby’s skin leading to red patches, rashes and eruptions. The skin of adults is more conditioned to chemical products through gradual exposure to these substances over the years. However a baby’s skin is fresh and more permeable than that of an adult. Hence, the chemical substances those are contained in some bath products can be easily absorbed by a baby’s skin. And these chemicals are quite toxic for a baby’s skin.

Some of these chemicals include formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxaneand even nitrosamines. These particular chemicals are very toxic in nature and contain substances those might even cause cancer. For instance, the talcum powders which are used to keep a baby’s skin fresh and smooth contain perfumes which may cause irritation and allergies. It is therefore advisable for parents to avoid baby powders which have talcum. Accesorios para Jeep


Another substance that is often used on a baby’s skin is petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly traps air and hence does not allow fresh air to enter the baby’s skin while at the same time, not allowing the stale air to leave. Petroleum jelly is also an allergen that is quite common. Artificial substances, petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes are themselves irritants and can cause your baby a lot of discomfort.

choose safe baby bath products

Herbs, essential oils, natural and organic products are best for a baby’s skin. You must always use products and especially bath products those contain natural herbs, organic substances and so on. These substances are natural and are free from the abrasive ingredients of chemical products. There are also pH balanced herbs like calendula oil, and other similar things which contain anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties which allow your baby’s skin to breathe free. Also these substances help in cellular regeneration leading to healthier skin.

Avocado oil is a substance that is rich in vitamins A,D and E and also sterols and amino acids. Avocado oil is often used in bath products and hair care products. It is easily absorbed by the skin that clams and helps to freshen up the skin of your baby. Borage is another useful substance in a baby’s bath products. Borage is a rich source of gamma linolenic acid, vitamins and minerals. Borage helps to repair and regenerate damaged skin cells and also to moisturize and nourish the skin of your baby.

Green tee is an important source of anti oxidants which prevent cellular damage and help to fight free radicals. Bath products that contain green tea extract are thus very helpful in keeping your baby’s skin healthy. The natural substances those are mentioned are used in a number of products and these are the ones which are recommended for your baby. Natural oils, especially, fruit oils are rich in minerals and nutrients which not only make way for healthy skin for your baby, but also help to protect the skin of your baby and keep it moisturized.

Safer Choice

There are several kinds of bath products including creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, hair products and so on. If these bath products are rich in substances like organic aloe juice, distillate water, organic green tea, botanical extracts and so on, then they are much safer than bath products made from chemical substances. It is advisable to avoid products containing foaming agents, preservatives and other ingredients which are potentially harmful for your baby’s skin.

Organic bath products are free from pesticides and synthetic substances and are therefore safe and healthy for your baby’s skin. As a parent, you can also become familiar with and get to know about the harmful chemicals in several baby products so that you can take better care of your child. Natural and organic products are way better than chemical products any day. So, follow the tips and help your baby to grow healthy.

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Effects Of Chemical Bath Products On Baby

Effects Of Chemical Bath Products On Baby

Chemical bath products are harmful for adults not to mention babies. Babies have extremely sensitive skin that is very responsive to foreign agents. Chemical b






Effects Of Chemical Bath Products On Baby
Effects Of Chemical Bath Products On Baby

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