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Africa merely is not a treasure trove of exotic wildlife. It surely has much more to offer.  Especially, you can visit the east African countries where beach holidays are fun and thrilling. In the recent years, east African countries have  been successful in luring tourists to captivating beach destinations.

As the old adage goes, “variety is the spice of life”, east africa beach vacation can really prove it. The East African countries are the congregation of Tanzania, Sudan, Comoros, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, Seychelles and Burundi. Although Egypt is situated in east Africa it is considered to be the member of the North African countries.

Tanzania, Kenya, Seychelles, Comoros or Sudan could be the right choices for a memorable beach holiday. You can experience marine ecology in the closest proximity and take part in indigenous carnivals.. East Africa Vacations are heavenly and thrilling. The exotic locations are perfect for family outing and as honeymoon destinations.


Serene Coastal Locations Of East Africa

Zanzibar is a hot holiday destination. Zanzibar reminds us of the Epithet- “Island of the cloves”. It is an archipelago and comprises of more than 50 islands. Smaller islands boast of white sandy beaches with broadly scattered palm trees. The smaller islands have shallow neighboring seas with a perfect setup for snorkeling and diving as Corals reefs hosting vibrant ecologies are abundant.

Moreover tourists are guaranteed to get bowled over by the exquisite expanse of turquoise sea water and will simply love lazing in  hammocks tied to palm trees and  enjoy splendid ambience. The larger islands are highly fertile with the aroma of fruits and spices airing the atmosphere all the time.

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There are occasional beach parties which travelers will definitely like. To add to it there are options of scuba diving and underwater exploration trips for adventurous tourists that will set the time rocking. A visit to Zanzibar is worth a lifetime and an integral part of east Africa holidays.

Apart from Zanzibar, Kenya can also be a good option. Lamu, a group of islands off the coast of Kenya has the traits of Zanzibar and is another place of unparallel beauty. Malindi, in Kenya is a perfect beach holiday destination. This place is visited mostly by the Italian tourists and is famous for deep-sea fishing. Mombasa is the second largest city of Kenya and a beach holiday here is also recommended.

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You can also have a beach holiday in Seychelles. The Alphonse Island, Providence Island or the Cosmoledo Island can be nice options for a beach holiday. Don’t forget to check out the Lemuria Resort, a luxury hotel situated in Praslin for a nice golf holiday.

Must-see Coastal Towns

Stone town in Zanzibar is a historic place marked by UNESCO as a heritage site. It is famous for its architecture. You can also visit the Ssesse Island in Uganda. The island is uncommon as the name suggests.

Staying at the Lutoboka bay in the Ssesse Island can be a memorable experience. The beach is scenic when you have a look at it from the Palm Beach Resort. A morning walk along the island forest is also suggested as you will find a lot of wild animals. Todo sobre Golf

There are also some islands in Seychelles that are rewarding. The Mahe Island, La Digue Island, Bird Island and the Fregate Island are lovely vacation spots and fun part is that these islands are not overcrowded.

The beach retreat in the Mahe Island is fantastic. It is the largest island in Seychelles. The lovely coves punctuating bays and beaches, dense lush green forests and beautiful coastline are god’s gift to Mahe. Port Sudan beaches are also praise worthy.

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Situated on the red sea it is the biggest port-city in Sudan. Scuba diving is a famous and popular sport in this place and attracts a lot of tourists. You can also visit Suakin, a beach city situated a little south of port Sudan. If you are fond of photography then don’t forget to visit Arous, a village in Sudan. It is famous for underwater photography.

You can also witness sunrise from some of the vantage points in this village as the rising sun splashes an array of colors in water  during the early hours of the morning. From principal European as well as from parts of United States direct flights leave for several principal African destinations and prices are cheap.

Beach Hotels

The best way to enjoy the oceanic beauty you must reserve rooms in beach hotels which range from luxury resorts with grand facilities to small bed and breakfast inns. Most of these beach rest-ins are run by attentive local staff who have immense knowledge of the adjacent areas and prime tourist locations.

More hotel desks are adept at arranging guided tours to snorkeling spots, deserted beaches and other tourist spots. Moreover most of the hotels provide sumptuous meals to tourists and can prepare various continental dishes and sea food cuisines.

Hotels also arrange local events like tribal dances and performances to enthrall tourists. However most African countries lack clear drinking water and it is advised to buy packaged water even if you stay at a top-notch place.

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Several resorts are present in the eastern coast of Kenya. One of the most popular resort destinations in Kenya is the Baburi beach. You can ferry the blue sea in glass-bottom boats and the experience is thrilling.

You can also visit the Haler Park along the Baburi beach. Civil unrest in Burundi has made the place very unsafe for tourists. Therefore it is recommended to visit the place after learning the government advisory.

Travel Advice

It is not advisable to go on a trip all by yourself to a desolate island or an empty beach. You might get mugged and robbed. You must always hire trustworthy locals and guides and always venture out with a group of tourists.

Although a wide array of foods are available at shanty roadside cafes, it is best to avoid such places because seldom hygiene standards are high in these cafes. Also you must carry light weight cotton, clothes, umbrella, sunscreen lotion because the sun is pretty harsh.

Beach Vacations In East Africa

Beach Vacations In East Africa

Africa merely is not a treasure trove of exotic wildlife. It surely has much more to offer.  Especially, you can visit the east African countries where beach





Beach Vacations In East Africa
Beach Vacations In East Africa

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