Being Mate-Realistic - A Guide on Love and Money

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Money: that palpable, powerful, and universal phenomenon that is always on everybody’s mind. Or wait, is that love? No, it can’t be; because although it is also quite powerful, universal, and always on everybody’s mind, ‘love’ isn’t quite as palpable.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the conflict begins. 

Love and Money, A Conflict? 

Life is a mix of opposites. It’s the fun of it. We all have our ups and we all have our downs. Some say that’s the thrill, and you can’t really argue with them.

This is why sometimes we find ourselves in search of things and people not quite like us to complement us – for the thrill. 

And herein lies the real relationship between love and money. Love is beautiful, but not quite palpable. Money is palpable, but, honestly, not quite beautiful.

And so, some say, the former can never work without the latter. Love without money, they say, is useless.

Exactly how true is this? Get ready for some myth busting, as we embark upon the journey of debunking some “facts” about the relationship between love and money.

A Question of Importance

No doubt money is quite important in all human endeavours. It not only determines what we can do in life, some times it determines the very quality of our lives. 

How? By determining our relationships, of course. And yes, money does play a huge role in not only how we relate to people, but the kind of people we relate with.

So yes, money is  important and can mean the difference between a happy relationship and a really crappy one.

But is it really so powerful? that it determines if we can ever find love and fulfillment? 

Does love conquer money or does money conquer love? Is it true that girls place more priority on money in relationships than love? Much more than the boys?

Let’s bust some myths!!!

Myth 1: 

Money Makes the Love Go Round 

Or in the other words, without money love stays stagnant and can never thrive.

To understand whether this is true or not, we first have to consider the original phrase: “Money makes the world go round.” 

Now whether we agree or not with this depends on how serious we’re willing to take the quote. 

Does actual paper make the world go round? Of course not. But does the value and motivation that comes from having this ‘paper’ make the world go round? Possibly.

When it comes to love, however, it’s a little different but not so much.

Money in a relationship makes it easier, and more bearable, but it is in fact not nearly a guarantee that the love will indeed “go round.” And the lack of it is most definitely not a guarantee of failure. 

And a relationship, for that matter, is not something to “bear.” Once the relationship comes to the stage where money is the only thing making it “bearable”, it may just be the time to consider other options.

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Myth 2

Money Makes the Girls Go Round

Or in other words, women are much more attracted to money in a relationship than men are. 

And while this is true to an extent – as in some women like men who are more “successful” and tend to gauge that success by how much money they have – it is at the same time one of those gauges that is absolutely transient and completely superficial – just like men gauging women by the smoothness of their skin.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to money, is that it is never guaranteed to stay. Whereas love ‘should’ last. Love is never a transient thing, money is.

And as such a relationship where money “makes the girl go round”, is one doomed to fail for sure.

Myth 3

A Man Must Make the Money Go Round

Or in other words, the sole financial responsibility in a relationship must lie on the male.

This is one of those obvious ones that one would hope its absolute falseness would render obsolete soon. But sadly not quite yet.

Maybe in the past when traditional gender roles were more divided for social, political and economic reasons, but never now when things are less divided.

So no, financial responsibilities must not always fall on the man. A woman CAN take care of the household too, and there is absolutely nothing wrong, dear men, with a woman earning more than you and paying bills and taking care of things, too.

Myth 4

Too Much Money Makes the Love Go Flat

Or in other words, too much money is a recipe for relationship failure. 

Again this is one of those metric that may seem very right on the surface but which the main cause is something much deeper than just.

Sure on the surface it might seem as though men tend to become more promiscuous when they have more money, or women tend to be more non-chalant, but it would be very wrong to attribute it all on money alone.

Whatever vices money amplifies, is safe to assume has always been there, just sitting waiting to be excavated. 

So yes, maybe too much money does make the love go flat, but that is almost always never the major problem. The major problem lies somewhere deeper.

Myth 5

I Don’t Need Money At All

Or in other words, you absolutely, absolutely don’t need any money at all. 

And this is, of course, another obvious one, because of course you do need money, because not even love – the greatest human phenomenon on the planet – can thrive in a vacuum. 

And in Conclusion

There you have it; common assumptions and misconceptions about money and love and their effects on relationships. 

And if you’ve stuck with me all through; one thing you’d have found up there is that in most cases the real verdicts are never quite as clear-cut as they seem, and what might have seemed unquestionable at the surface may not be quite so under a deeper analysis. 

In the end, however, money and love are both quite important.  But love conquereth all things.

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Being Mate-Realistic - A Guide on Love and Money

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