Benefits Of After School Activities For Kids




When you are a working mother, all sorts of tensions crop up as to where to drop your child after school. Leaving them at home alone to fend for themselves is not an appealing thought for most mothers.

Keeping a maid at home too is not a possibility, especially when you think of the expenses and the risks involved in leaving a child alone with the maid.

Why After School Activities?

This is where many parents identify the usefulness of putting their kid in an after school activity. There are countless benefits of sending your child for after school activities even though many parents are apprehensive about whether they are spending money for the right purpose.


After school activities help the kids enjoy their after school hours along with other kids. Add to it the fact that kids are relatively safe in such environments as there are people and other kids around them.

Benefits of After School Activities

Here are certain very appealing benefits of putting your child for after school activities. These are reasons enough to convince every parent about the importance of enrolling them for some kind of after school activity.

Safe and Secure Environment

The fact that your kids are well supervised when they are in an after school activity itself is a great relief for you. There would be tutors who are there to guide them in their activity as well as help them with behavioural problems and attitudes.

Most of the kids who are in an after school environment are protected from violence and child harassment which are way too common among children who are left alone at home or left without proper monitoring. Most kids come to enjoy their after school activities due to the fact that it is a totally fun filled environment without the stress of having to prove themselves.

Increased Social Skills

After school activities are not just enjoyable for the kids, but they also improve the social skills of the kids due to the increased interaction between kids of various age groups. The atmosphere is a free and entertaining one and kids lose their inhibitions and reserve and mix well with the group. It is the kids who are left alone at home that are glued to the television or the internet and develop behavioural and social problems later on.

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Kids who are enrolled in after school activities are also safe from unwanted friendships outside of their school which more often than not take place during after school hours. During this time they are unmonitored and free to do whatever they want.

Increased Physical Activity

Physical activity plays a great role in keeping the kids well in shape without getting obese. Apart from the health benefits, there is also proper release of the excess energy that is stored in their body. Shedding the excess energy by doing some sports or fitness related activity will help them to get good night’s sleep and remain alert and active throughout their school life.

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Who knows, an after school sports activity can entirely change the life of your kid if he is talented in a particular sport and come out as a successful sportsman. Physical activity could be anything from sports, dance, aerobics or some cycling fun.

Increased Skills

Enrolling your child in an after school activity can also be a time when he/she can develop her creative skills by enrolling in the right activity. Based on your kid’s interest, you can chose activities in art, sports, music, dance and even academic activities that can enhance his memory and brain development.

These activities must be such that it should not put any pressure on your kids but help him enjoy the activity and have fun along with skill development and increased social activity. Kids who are enrolled for these classes turn out to be smarter, more confident and stronger that their peers.

Sense Of Discipline

Sending your kids for an after schools activity is also a way to discipline their lives or set the atmosphere for self discipline. Kids learn to put their free time to good use when they are in an after school activity.

Even if the activity does not appeal to them or do not interest them after they turn into adults, the influence and the enrichment they got in their lives will always remain throughout their lives. They also emerge as good parents who understand the value of after school activities and help their kids develop into better individuals later on.

Sense Of Direction

Kids learn to have a sense of direction when they are put in an after school activity. When they choose the activities they are interested in, with your help, they become more confident and show greater responsibility and faith towards their goals and likings. Developing their skills will help them grow into better individuals and also help them understand their likings and priorities in life. These kids will be able to take better and stronger decisions about the choices in their lives.

A kid who is interested in an artistic pursuit will be able to better identify the area of art that he is interested in when he/she attends an after school activity. This will make him better prepared for his career choices later on. Similarly for other activities like sports and education, kids can choose their options and be ready for the challenges that they are carved out for life.

Instilling Values In Life

An after school activity can also instil certain core values in the kids like social work and volunteering which are part of many after school activities. Kids learn the importance of helping others and also how they can make a difference to others who are less privileged by giving a little of their time and money.

These activities instil moral as well as social responsibilities on these kids and help them to keep away from wrong friendships and relationships that they are very susceptible to otherwise. On a whole after school activities do a world for your kids and enrolling them in one of these activities will never be a mistake whatsoever.

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Benefits Of After School Activities For Kids

Benefits Of After School Activities For Kids

When you are a working mother, all sorts of tensions crop up as to where to drop your child after school. Leaving them at home alone to fend for themselves is





Benefits Of After School Activities For Kids
Benefits Of After School Activities For Kids

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