Bill Maher Makes a Case We’re Just All Too Dumb to Survive as a Nation

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  Bill Maher Makes a Case We’re Just All Too Dumb to Survive as a Nation

Bill Maher knows America has a ton of problems, but the biggest might be we’ve all become so f***ing stupid … and that’s the real existential threat to this country.

It starts out hilarious … listening to our youngins whose ignorance is just mind-blowing — the first person to walk on the sun is a dude named Lance. The biggest city in the world is Asia … no, it’s Europe.

As for how we got this dumb, well the ‘Real Time’ host says schools and politicians are to blame because they’re all so caught up in causes, they’ve abandoned education.

As for how this becomes an existential threat … well, the captains of our ship are politicians, who now get elected with ads that are ridiculous and demagogic. Bill plays a bunch of them and the candidates all sound just wretched … yet that’s the drill for getting elected. As he says, the end of each ad should say, “I approved this message, you dumb f***s!” El TikToker Víctor Pérez | Biografía, fotos y videos 2022

Marjorie Taylor Greene

You gotta see the ad for Marjorie Taylor Greene … and all the other candidates who think they can win by shooting guns and obliterating cars and bottles of Bud.

Point is … this is what gets people elected, and exactly who are these people? They’re the ones who are guiding our nation and setting policy.

So, how dumb are we?

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