Celebrities With Questionable Personal Hygiene Habits

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 Celebrities With Questionable Personal Hygiene Habits

As much as humankind has evolved, one trait we’ve not yet lost is our body odor. Not all of these scents are bad, but some might be better than others, and many in our culture would probably agree that the body odor that emanates from the armpit is one of the least likely to be pleasing. After all, the market for products that mask underarm odor — which, generally speaking, is the result of scentless apocrine sweat mixing with normal bacteria that live on the skin’s surface (via Harvard Health) — is enormous and predicted to only get bigger in the next four or so years (via Fortune Business Insights). But not everyone is buying into the marketing hype that cleanliness requires sweat-free and odor-free armpits, by which we mean that not everyone elects to wear antiperspirant or deodorant. One notable person is the actor, producer, author, and possible Texas gubernatorial candidate (via Bloomberg), Matthew McConaughey.

In a November 2020 podcast interview, McConaughey re-confirmed that rumor that he has already confirmed multiple times in the past, which is that he eschews deodorant (via Today). “As we’ve come to know, most deodorant’s not good for you,” McConaughey explained. Other celebrities who choose not to smell “like somebody else,” as McConaughey puts it, include Cameron Diaz (via ScreenRant) and Bradley Cooper (via Esquire). On the other side of the spectrum, we have Camila Mendes, who told InStyle that she likes to wear deodorant to bed!

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