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After school activities are becoming way too popular among kids as well as parents, thanks to the interest shown by parents and the security and safety offered by these activity classes. They not only develop a number of skills in children, but allow them to enjoy the time as well.

While school follows a much rigorous training method, after school activity is a much less strenuous activity, allowing the children to rewind after a tired day at school. This is why it is very important to choose the right after school activity for your child; something which he enjoys as well as gives him the right knowledge according to his liking and preferences. Afterschool activity can be a mixture of learning, interaction, academic activity and fun.


Here are some ideas for after school activities. Make sure you understand your kid’s interests and talents before choosing the right afterschool activity that will help him grow and fine tune his skills.


Sports is one of the most common after school activity chosen by both boys as well as girls. There are many sports activities that can be indoors as well as outdoors. While outdoor sports require some amount of physical stamina which most children have, indoor sports is all about intelligence and developing your brain.

Outdoor team sports like basketball, football and cricket instil in kids the importance of friendly competition. Track and field events like running, long jump, hurdles and many other games help your kid develop physical stamina and also excellence in the chosen area of sports. Students who have a definite interest in sports and would want to pursue sports as a career can train for these activities after school time.

Indoor sports that are mostly taken up by children are chess, board games, table tennis etc. to name a few. They can be purely for fun or for enrichment and personal satisfaction.


Music is a popular after school activity followed by many students.  Traditional as well as western music classes are conducted by most schools inside the premises itself. Music classes also include instrumental music apart from vocal music. Instruments like piano, organ, guitar, drum, flute etc. are good for those children who love to get into a career in the music field. These classes will help them be well equipped with greater skills while they prepare themselves for their career.

Music classes are also good for relaxation, calm and for rewinding your mind after school. They require concentration and patience and help in cultivating a peaceful attitude even during trying times .They help in making the mind calm and are a simple form or meditation that chilcren can undertake in the evenings.


Dance is another activity that involves a lot of physical exertion and also some amount of interest and talent. Classical dance forms are a favourite among girls and western dance is taken up by both girls and boys. Dance is also a form of exercise and helps the children stay in shape without falling for obesity and related disorders. Understand your child’s preference before you send him for dance classes. If it is something which he does not enjoy, it is wise not to force him into it.

Art Lessons

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Art lessons like painting, drawing, sculpture etc. encourage his creative skills and help him develop the right part of his brain. Art classes require abstract thinking and talent to be able to feel a sense of achievement and move head. There are a number of activities in art that can be pursued apart from the traditional painting and drawing classes.

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There is glass painting, needlework, craft making, fabric art etc. Since this is a field that has a number of branches, art lessons are very interesting for children who love artistic pursuits. Pursuing art lessons will help you identify which kind of art form you have a knack for. This will help you decide on your career choices later on.

Reading and Language Lessons

Mostly preferred by students who have a love for languages, literature, linguistics and reading, language lessons are one of the most preferred after school activity by older students. Considering the fact that knowledge and expertise in a foreign language can help you stay ahead when it comes to career makes it an even more preferred choice.

With globalisation and the interest in working abroad, foreign languages like French, Spanish, Italian, German and in recent times, even Chinese are being preferred for studying. Learning a foreign language helps in developing the brain cells as you are learning something new and different from what you are doing.


A hot favourite among girls, cooking classes instil womanly values in girls and help them adjust to the needs of household demands as they grow up. Cooking also imparts thinking and measuring skills in children as they have to understand what has to be added in what quantities to make a meal tasty. Cooking is a good after school activity if you are looking at making your girl child self sufficient in your absence and be ready to take charge of the kitchen during emergencies.

Scientific Experiments

For students interested in science, experiments that help them learn the intricacies of physics, chemistry and biology would be a wonderful after school pursuit. These experiments are also a learning activity even though they are fun to undertake and extremely knowledge enhancing.

Science lessons and experiments will help the students understand their school lessons better through the experiments they undertake after school. They are ideal for students who want to take up careers in science, research and teaching.

Dramatics and Acting

The entertainment industry is for those students who have the talent to keep the crowd enthralled. For children who have it in them, whether it is acting, drama and other related activities, these classes can help them fine tune their skills while they enter the professional arena with much confidence and greater skills than their counter parts.

Community Service and Volunteering

These are activities that develop helping and empathetic skills in children. There are a number of possibilities in this after school activity and one must encourage all kids to participate in some kind of community and volunteer work along with their other pursuits.

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Children's Activities For After School Play

After school activities are becoming way too popular among kids as well as parents, thanks to the interest shown by parents and the security and safety offered






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