Common Mistakes Everyone Makes With Shrimp

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  Common Mistakes Everyone Makes With Shrimp

Brining is a practice usually associated with proteins like chicken or large cuts of pork. But you can brine shrimp as well, and the results take the shrimp’s tenderness and juiciness to a whole new level. According to Cook The Story, brining simply means soaking food in a salty solution ahead of cooking. Brines can be enhanced with ingredients such as herbs, spices, sugar, or all of the above. The food in the brine absorbs the liquid, making it juicier and more flavorful as it absorbs some of the salt.

The most simple brine you can make is a combination of water and salt. As previously stated, you can bring other flavors to the brine or just season the shrimp however you like after post-brine. Because shrimp have a smaller surface area, brining for any longer than one hour really isn’t necessary (unlike larger cuts of meat that can be brined for over a day).

One essential tip: don’t rinse shrimp after removing them from the brine. Simply pat them dry with a paper towel before seasoning or cooking. Rinsing the shrimp will remove the salt the shrimp have accumulated in the brine. Patting them dry is also essential, especially when pan-searing or grilling. The drier the shrimp, the more intense the Maillard reaction you’ll get, resulting in a crustier exterior.

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