Daredevil’s Return To The MCU, Michael Bay’s Condition To Make A Superhero Movie & More

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  Daredevil’s Return To The MCU, Michael Bay’s Condition To Make A Superhero Movie & More

Wesley Snipes helped make Marvel a commercially viable entity in the movie space with “Blade,” and now he’s circling back to comic books with an original graphic novel. Per a press release, it has been revealed that Snipes is teaming with Gifted Rebels, PCB Entertainment, and Maandi House Studios for “The Exiled,” a new graphic novel that will be funded via a Kickstarter campaign set to launch in June. As for what the story is about? Here is the synopsis:

[The Exiled] follows Detective Niles “Roach” Washington as he pursues a serial killer in the aftermath of a deadly gas attack. The killer is ripping the spines from his victims and using tools over five-thousand years old. The world outcasts Roach for his theories, but his instincts keep pushing him forward. With enemies on all sides, and within, he wades into the darkness to find the killer and uncovers Earth’s darkest secret.

We can see some of the early artwork above, which looks an awful lot like Snipes. Adam Lawson and Keith Arem will be collaborating with Snipes on the book, with Gabriel “Eskivo” Santos handling the artwork. No word yet on a release date, but we’ll keep you posted.

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