Dark Secrets Of The Vatican Revealed

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  Dark Secrets Of The Vatican Revealed

In 2012, Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi published a book called His Holiness: The Secret Papers of Benedict XVI, which was made up of pieces of private correspondence and other classified documents of the then-pope leaked to Nuzzi by Benedict’s personal butler. This book revealed an inside look at the inner workings of the Vatican not normally afforded to the public, including–as The Huffington Post explains–evidence of widespread corruption and revelations the Holy See is home to rampant jealousy and backstabbing. 

This leak scandal became known as Vatileaks, because of course it did. Even wilder, though, is–as The Guardian explains–when the Vatican started an internal investigation into the leak of these documents, they uncovered that individuals outside the Vatican were blackmailing an underground “network of gay prelates” who were allegedly holding gay orgies in villas, beauty parlors, and saunas in and around Rome. Many–including Pope Benedict’s brother–believe the stress from these accumulating scandals contributed to Benedict’s decision to resign from the papacy. This conclusion seems … completely reasonable. Noticias sobre apple,mac, osx, iphone,ipad,apple watch, juegos para mac y appletv Todo sobre Apple, Mac e Iphone

A second round of leaks–known, naturally, as Vatileaks 2–hit in 2015, again with a book by Nuzzi at the center of it, but as The New Yorker asserts, the sequel didn’t have quite the same spicy excitement of round one. Whereas the original Vatileaks showed Benedict as overwhelmed and unable to control the cyclone of corruption around him, the second set of documents focus on Francis as a bold reformer trying to clean house within the Vatican bureaucracy. Sadly, no orgies in this one either.

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