Dating Coaches and Dating Sites for A Serious Relationship - Guide

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The short and sweet answer to the above question is that it depends. But like all short and sweet answers, this doesn’t quite cover the details of the question as much as it should. So let’s begin by first breaking it down deeper as we take the questions one after the other.

Dating Coaches, Do You Need Them?


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No two relationships are completely similar, and to take it even further, no two people are completely similar. Which is why some people find some things easy while others find those same things difficult.

Saying relationships can be tough might be a non-objective fact, but it is, nonetheless, a subjectivity that’s experienced by a lot of people. Same goes with the process meeting men or meeting women.

Some find it easy to navigate the maze. Others find it harder, but either way, one thing’s for sure. No man or woman is an island. And in especially volatile situations that has the potential of spiraling fast — like relationships — help is mostly welcomed than turn down.

So basically what we’re saying is that perhaps not everyone needs dating coaches for a serious relationship, or to get into one, but pretty much everyone could use dating coaches for a serious relationship.

Dating Coaches, What Exactly Do They Do

1. Help You Meet A New Partner

Duh? This much is obvious, right? Well we just had to get it out of the way. For those who aren’t in a serious relationship already, dating coaches pretty much help you find someone. But how exactly? That’s where it gets interesting.

2. Study Your Strengths 

Dating coaches help you secure a serious relationship by studying you first. What are your strengths in a relationship? What are your strengths as a person looking for a potential suitor? 

What’s most attractive about you? All these are the first things a dating coach figures out in their bid to help you get into a serious relationship.

3. Find Your Weakness

We all have our weakness, especially when it comes to human relationships. Dating coaches make sure they not only fish out and identify those weakness, but that they work on it with you until it gets transformed to a huge strength that you can use to your advantage anywhere!

4. Offer Support

As important as it is to find your strengths, it’s also equally important to know what to do when they fail you. And they will fail you!

But dating coaches will make sure that at those times they’re there to help you analyse and examine exactly what went wrong, all the while giving you the support you need to secure that serious relationship.

And the same applies with people in relationships, at the times when things aren’t going so well. They help you identify just what went wrong and where, and most importantly how to fix it.

Dating Coaches, So Who are They?

There are basically two kinds when it comes to dating coaches for a serious relationship. There are the professionals and then there are the non-professionals.

The Professionals

Professional dating coaches are seasoned veterans with vast knowledge of human emotions and psychology. 

Not necessarily therapists — since their education in romance may not be so formal — they nonetheless are always veterans who have proven time and time again their capability when it comes to the human heart, and with their helps you can be sure to have all the above guidance guaranteed.

Our recommended professional love coaches at NLv are Emily Lovz for men and Sexy Confidence for women. Feel free to check them out at your convenience.

The Non-Professionals 

Non-professional dating coaches are your friends, families and loved ones. 

Now obviously they may not have the reputation or expertise that the professionals do, but this does not mean that the help they offer may not be as profound and effective or even more so.

Your trusted friends and families may perform all the functions of dating coaches for serious relationships listed above: i.e providing support, highlighting your weaknesses and strengths, etc.

Of course it should be said as a caveat that when it comes to non-professional coaches, you’ll need to apply a lot of filters for yourself to determine the ones who really know what they’re talking about, because as we said, they do not have the credibility and reliability that the professional dating coaches do when it comes to fostering serious relationships. Cómo reiniciar Apple Studio Display para solucionar problemas de software

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Dating Sites For a Serious Relationship, Do You Need Them?

Perhaps even more splitting than dating coaches are dating sites.

Most people feel they don’t need them, and perhaps they do not. And just as we concluded with dating coaches, all humans are different, but help is always welcome. You might not feel the need to try out a dating site to secure a serious relationship, but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt to try them out.

And according to the statistics, more and more people are trying out online dating — and to great success, too.

Dating Sites For a Serious Relationship, Our Recommendations 

There are a lot of great dating sites out there, all with varying degree of ease and geographical dispersion. You could easily try out any of them and see great results.

For your ease, however, we recommend you try out eHarmony. They have been vetted and tried out and have passed our various tests with flying colors.

Their website is easy enough to navigate, their signup process fast and easy and they have been serving the online dating community for a pretty long while, during which time thousands of people have successfully found a serious relationship through their service.

Dating Sites For a Serious Relationship, The Caveat

Just like every scenario involving meeting strangers, there is always a concern for security, necessitating certain safety measures. Sadly when it comes to using dating sites for serious relationships it’s no different.

And among the things to look out for are:

1. Scams

For people seeking to rip other people off, the internet is practically a terrifically fertile hunting ground, and their most preferred corners are dating sites. Which is why you have to be on the lookout for suspicious acts and statements when using one.

Scam artists are mostly people looking to make a quick buck, preying on desperation. Without this desperation most of their antics are easy to spot and defend against.

2. Fake Profiles

You also have to be on the lookout for fake profiles — people pretending to be what they’re not, in whatever form or capacity.

Regardless of place, truthfulness will always remain the cornerstone of a serious relationship, and even though they don’t mean to harm you, anyone who deliberately uploads a fake information on their profile is not to be trusted and should be fled from.

3 Fake Websites

A lot of dating websites are not genuine. At best they only have robots and paid staff telling what they think you want to hear, just to get your details, traffic and money.

At worst they are full of malicious people with even more malicious intent than just traffic. Either way, it is always best to confirm and get recommendations before trying out a dating site.

4. Other Security Tips

Some other security tips to follow when seeking dating sites for a serious relationship include: getting to know people and exchanging conversations with them for a long time before even thinking of meeting physically, meeting in a public place when it’s time to meet, telling at least one more person about your date, and finally doing a little bit of research online based on the person’s information before hand.


Dating coaches and dating sites for a serious relationship are not neccesary for everybody, and even though some people require them more than some, it really doesn’t hurt for anyone who has the time and resources to try them out.

As with all things with human relations, safety is paramount and you should always be on the lookout for malicious intent.

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Dating Coaches and Dating Sites for A Serious Relationship - Guide

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