Dating Red Flags You Should Look Out for

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Dating is not an exact science. However, it is vital to know some common red flags when heading out or just starting dating. We've put together factual information in this comprehensive article; it will help you a lot!

Most of us have experienced and, probably, ignored certain red flags when dating. It’s effortless to get blinded by the excitement and novelty of dating someone new that we become utterly blind to the ugly side of things. Whether we like it or not, dating is an integral part of life, just as money, career, and health. For instance, if you take acash advance online no credit check, won’t you invest time to make the best decisions?

Dating Red Flags You Should Look Out for

It is one thing that you are looking for a hook-up. However, if you are looking to get into a serious relationship, you need to take a step back and get real. There are some dating red flags that you need to learn to recognize to get into a serious relationship with a person that will not break your heart.

Red Flags You Should Not Ignore While Dating

There is a specific dating red flags definition that you need to understand and know. Some of them include the following.

Constant Feeling Of Unhappiness

If you are feeling unhappy with your date, it is a sign that something is wrong. Most experts would agree that the initial signs of the date are not right and may be very subtle. However, if you are holding on to the feeling that you are not happy or that no joy is being shared between you and your date, it is not the right relationship for you.

Of course, both partners get involved with each other’s interests, hobbies, and friends when they get into a relationship. But if you find that you are only doing what your date wants, it is a sign of controlling behavior. This is because the concerned person is subtly or outwardly preventing you from doing the things you love or enjoy.

You Are Spending Time Only With Each Other

Another red flag of dating, especially online dating, is that if you and your partner are only seeing each other and no one else (like friends and family). It is a sign of controlling behavior that could result in an unhealthy codependent relationship with each other.

Dating Red Flags You Should Look Out for

Experts state that we all need external support and influences in our lives. Therefore, if you are only seeing and talking to your date, it will isolate you from others, and you will become over-dependent on your partner. This can result in a toxic relationship, and you will feel very vulnerable if things eventually go sideways.

Your Partner Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

You deserve to find someone who will treat you like royalty and respect. If your date wants you to change by doing something that is not your scene or dressing differently, it is a sign that the concerned partner does not like you for being you. In this case, you deserve someone much better.

Even if it is casual dating, it is not right for your partner to belittle you constantly. If this behavior continues, you will start questioning your self-worth. This is the time to leave behind this relationship even before it starts and say goodbye. A good relationship is one where your partner makes you feel good and lifts your mood, not the other way around.

Your Date Always Second-Guesses Their Feelings Towards You

When you are in your dating phase, games are never cool. It should be evident that your date likes you; otherwise, what is the point of dating? If you cannot guess whether your potential partner is into you, it is a red flag that demands a serious conversation.

Experts say that we feel connected or bonded when we enter into a relationship with someone. However, if this bond is threatened, we become unable to think clearly, become anxious, and demand proof or lash out at the other person.

When you are just starting to date, primarily via online dating apps, your partner may go out of their way to show their love and affection for you. Of course, this may wane off as the relationship continues for some months or years. However, while your partner does not have to bring you flowers daily, your position should be such that you never have to doubt their feelings for you.

They Do Not Listen To You

If your date keeps talking and does not listen to you, then there is no point in dating. Of course, they do not have to recall everything that you have said; however, they should be able to listen at the moment and offer their inputs and thoughts. This goes double when you are upset or stressed. It's one piece of dating advice that you should never compromise on.

Of course, your date may just roll their eyes if you talk about the same concert for the millionth time. However, anyone who is worth your time should take a genuine interest in you and your life and goals.

Your Date Does Not Support Your Goals

One of the most important dating tips is to avoid anyone that does not support your goals. For instance, you tell your date that you want to start your own company one day, and they simply laugh at your face saying it will never happen. This is a red flag that you should be aware of.

Dating Red Flags You Should Look Out for

If you find someone who has faith and trusts your abilities, he/she will stand by your side; this way, you will be more successful and happier. If your date discourages you and keeps shooting you down, it is probably because they are insecure about their future; however, this does not mean that they should bring your hopes down. The perfect date is the one who believes in you and supports your ambitions and dreams.

The Relationship Is All About Your Partner

For your first date, you decide to hang out at your significant other’s house based on their schedule and get their favorite food. While this is all fine, a relationship is all about give-and-take.

If your date cannot let you choose the movie and keep speaking about their lives, they are way too selfish to even be in a relationship. If your relationship does not have any compromise from your partner’s side, then it is better to get out of it.

They Blame You During All Arguments And Never Apologize Even If It Is Their Fault

Of course, no relationships are perfect; there is bound to be an argument between couples. You may have done something to bug your date once or twice. However, in this case of mature dating, your date does not have the right to blame you for everything. Doing this can damage the relationship more.

By blaming you, your partner may feel some respite from their own sense of deficiency, sadness, or guilt; however, blaming you will make you feel distressed, which will only be bad for your relationship. Ultimately, if your date hurts your feelings, they need to own up and apologize.

How They Talk About Their Previous Relationships

According to the tips that can be found on many dating websites, how a person talks about their ex indicates the type of person they are. If they are always talking badly about the concerned person, it is a sign that your date is a toxic person holding a grudge or ill feelings. It is also possible that you are out on a date with a person who has very low self-esteem.

Having nothing good to say about your old partner is still fine because it is not easy to make peace with a lost relationship. However, constantly bad-mouthing them is a warning sign. This means that you need to get away while you can.

Final Thoughts

There are many dating pros and cons. But the question here is – should you leave because of the red flags you notice during the date? The answer will eventually depend on you. Every person has their limits and capacities for what is acceptable and what not. Of course, there may be some underlying reasons for the above-mentioned red signs and may not entirely denote a bad match. However, they should be able to take accountability.

What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments!

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