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Shopping is perhaps one of the greatest activities that we look forward to when we travel to a tourist or a holiday destination. Picking up items and artifacts that are unique to a particular country is often the reason that people go shopping for.

Governments promote shopping as one of the major attractions when creating endorsements for their countries. And since shopping is seen as such as an integral part of traveling, one can imagine the kind of excitement a festival dedicated solely to it would generate.

Dubai, the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates, hosts the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) every year. This festival was instituted in the year 1996 and has been a resounding success from the beginning. The essential aim of this festival was to promote trade and tourism in this city in the Middle East.It lasts for about a month and during this time we can see the city conducting all kinds of cultural and entertainment events.


Grand Beginnings

The Dubai Shopping Festival essentially begins with a grand opening ceremony attended by the ruling royalty of Dubai and other dignitaries. This is accompanied by a dazzling light and sound show that showcases the best of technology from all over the world. The ceremony is held at the Dubai Festival City, an exclusive resort that is devoted to the festival where several events are held through the duration of the Dubai Shipping Festival.

The Philosophy behind the Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival has a central theme that states ‘One World, One Family, One Festival.’ This has been fashioned to support the idea of a universal brotherhood that is clear in the way the festival is conducted. Cultures from every corner of the world are invited to showcase themselves and in doing this, help in erasing differences. And hence, the Dubai Shopping Festival is not merely a shopping venture but a social mission too. Dubai takes this opportunity to bridge gaps between different ethnicities. And this, coupled with its commercial success, makes it a very viable project.

The entire city is decked in the most alluring way. In all public spaces like modern shopping malls, traditional souks, corniches, parks and gardens stalls are set up where, products from all over the world are sold. Retail outlets hold sales and offer big discounts. Daily raffle draws are held and the prizes range from cash, electronic appliances, to free trips to different dream destinations. These draws lead to the bumper prize of luxury cars.

Leisure parks hold enormous firework displays every night that are visible all over the city. These can be viewed from the Bur Dubai Corniche too, which is ideal for family gatherings. There are special programmes for children like cultural and sports competitions. This is the time when school and college students eagerly wait for their chance to participate in various cultural events and represent their respective institutions.

The Festival’s Main Attractions

One of major features of the festival is the Global Village. The Village has stalls and stores from different parts of the world. The stalls carry products and foods that are specific to the country. This way, the Village serves as the meeting ground of all types of cultures, their products, and their traditions. Viajes y turismo

Dubai is home to the second tallest hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab. With sixty floors to its name, Burj Al Arab is a sight to behold. During the festival, the hotel is dressed in its finest lights on display since it is often seen as a representative symbol of the city. Huge firework routines are held here as well. Like most hotels in the city, Burj Al Arab also offers discounts and special offers. Dubai, in view of accommodating its global clientele, has created several luxury hotels in the recent past. Some of these are the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, The Ritz-Carlton, Atlantis –The Palm Dubai, and Palm Tree Court and Spa.

Food festivals are another common feature of the Dubai Shopping Festival. The city possesses several chic restaurants that proffer international cuisine. In the days of the festival, these eateries pull all stops to impress its international tourists. Apart from concessions, these places hold cooking workshops and food exhibitions. So if you crave a taste of the new, the festival is a good time to try new cooking.

The Fashionistas’ Fantasy

Dubai is fundamentally seen as a shopper’s paradise. It was one of the first cities in the Middle East that brought international labels in the Arab World. It was the first where one could pick all the haute couture there was without frisking off to Europe. And so it follows that Dubai has a large number of shopping malls to suit every taste. Some of these are the Dubai Mall, City Center, Bur Juman Center, and the Mall of Emirates. And these are just a few in a very long list. These malls house a number of retail shops that possess every product under the sun. During the Dubai Shopping Festival, visitors flock to these malls to take advantage of the various concessions that they offer.

As an extension to trendy fashion, Dubai is also the venue of international fashion shows that showcase the talents of the most famous designers of the fashion industry. The Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time to catch the latest trends and rub shoulders with the cream of the elusive glamour world.

The Big Picture

The festival also plays host to a string of national and international film festivals. One can witness the splendor of the big screen come alive as several film stars descend to the city to support and promote their films. It is also an exercise in promoting better understanding and relations between film industries of different countries.

The World’s Richest Race

One of the biggest events that the world looks forward to during the Dubai Shopping Festival is the horse racing World Cup. Dubai is synonymous with horse racing and it is a passion amongst locals here. With the World Cup anticipation building up during the festival, it pulls enthusiasts from all over. Another major attraction is the prize money. The World Cup is touted to be the most expensive competition in the world as the prize money amounts to twelve million in US dollars.

With so many exhilarating facets, the Dubai Shopping Festival is certainly an important month on the passionate travelers’ calendar.

Dubai Shopping Festival Guide

Dubai Shopping Festival Guide

Shopping is perhaps one of the greatest activities that we look forward to when we travel to a tourist or a holiday destination. Picking up items and artifact





Dubai Shopping Festival Guide
Dubai Shopping Festival Guide

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