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Delphi – Enigma of Cryptic Oracles

Legends and myths

In ancient times the Greeks fantasized Delphi to be the center of the earth. It probably got its name from Delphinios that is often used for Apollo for his connection to dolphins. They built a Sanctuary here for worshipping Apollo and installed a massive golden statue of his in it. It was a flourishing settlement even in the 4th century BC when pilgrims came here to hear cryptic oracles of Apollo’s Priestess answering questions. Delphi, like many other Greek towns, is deeply steeped in fantastic legends and myths. Be that as it may, Delphi is worth visiting for enjoying a wonderful holiday.


This beautiful, historic and inspiring town is located amidst pine forests and rocky slopes of the holy Mount Parmassus. It gives a breadth-taking view of the Gulf of Corinth.


World Heritage Site

It is now a popular tourist destination for international travelers. UNESCO has given Delphi the status of a World Heritage Site that the city truly deserves.

Archaeological relics

Delphi’s most outstanding attraction is, of course, the Temple of Apollo that was built over the ruins of an earlier temple dating back to the 6th century BC.

Close to the Apollo Temple is the Sanctuary of Athena. Within it is the circular structure of Tholos. It has been photographed perhaps more times than the Pyramids in Egypt. Other important attractions are the 4th century theatre where Pythian Festival is held. The Castalian Spring is the place that the pilgrims used to visit before consulting the Priestess for her Oracles.

Ancient Greeks were conscious about their physical fitness and built massive stadiums. Climb up a steep hill to reach Delphi’s massive stadium that was extensively restructured by the Romans at a later period.  Close to the stadium is the theater they built in the 4th century.

Other archaeological sites in the vicinity are now in ruins and people visiting these places wander about their usage in those ancient times.

Modern Delphi

Delphi, however, is not all about antiquity. What else do besides goggling touristically at these ancient monuments? Tramites en Ecuador


There are a number of hotels in all categories. Santa Marina Arachova Resort  & Spa is a 5-star boutique hotel, situated on the picturesque hilly surroundings of Arachova village. Another 5-star top hotel is Aegli Resort and Spa, perched at the foot of Parmassus Mountain. These are expensive. But for about 55 Euros you can get a double-room at Sun View Pension situated on the main road Apollonos and provide stunning view of the Corinthian gulf and Galaxidi. Check websites and select a hotel of your choice.


Being a mountain town, you get excellent hand-knitted sweaters and caps. Leather goods are great here and so is the costume jewelry.


You will find taverns and restaurants in modern Delphi. A most enjoyable way to spend an evening is to go to the chick Hilton Trafalgar Hotel. There is nothing like wining and dining with the Greeks. Join them in a cozy restaurant.

Delphic oracles

In ancient times many Greeks implored the Priestess at the Apollo Temple to forecast the future. Her answers were often cryptic – almost like a riddle. The future is seldom known, but there is an exception. You will adore Delphi once you are here!

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    Delphi Travel

    Delphi Travel

    In ancient times the Greeks fantasized Delphi to be the center of the earth. It probably got its name from Delphinios that is often used for Apollo for his con





    Delphi Travel
    Delphi Travel

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