Do We Know More About Space Than Earth’s Oceans?

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  Do We Know More About Space Than Earth’s Oceans?

While the most powerful telescopes can see 13 billion light years away, there is still a lot we don’t know about space (via World Atlas). It may seem like we know more about the galaxy than the ocean, but reality is a bit more complicated than that. Scientists don’t yet know exactly how big space is, and multiverse theory suggests our universe may not even be the only one. The massive size of our universe also makes space travel difficult, so studying anything outside our solar system in person is nearly impossible with current technology.

While advancements in space exploration are being made every day, it is reasonable to say, despite the difficulty ocean exploration has presented to humans, we most likely know more about Earth’s oceans than we do about space (via How Stuff Works). As technology becomes more advanced, we may be able to find easier ways to study both the universe and the ocean floor.

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