Tips For Successful Breastfeeding




Breast feeding is not a rocket science it just needs your will power and your partners support and the job is done. Sometimes it gets frustrating for the first time mothers and the babies too. If the baby does not reach the latch properly then after tiring period of delivery and labour it seems very painful to breastfeed the baby.

Here are few ways you can use to latch the baby comfortably and might help you in breastfeed your baby in the best way. First thing that you need to do is breast feed the baby as soon as possible after birth. Breastfeeding is a natural behaviour for baby but for mother it is a learning behaviour, so you need someone may be a lactation consultant to help you out.


Tell the nursing staff not to feed baby with formula food. So whenever the baby will feel hungry it should be brought to you for feeding. If possible ask the nurse to let the baby stay in your room only, so that he can be breastfed as and when required. Avoid using artificial nipples or pacifiers, so that the baby will learn to latch on to your breast only.

Some babies latch on to the breast in few seconds only and for some babies it might take some time. But just remember there is nothing in this world like breast milk so even if the baby is taking time to latch be patient and keep on trying and you will do it successfully. Generally baby’s sleep a lot after birth so when the baby is awake bring it near your breast and you will find that the bay will move his head back and forth trying to locate breast with his mouth and lips. This is the first step to start latching. Once the baby is latched on to the breast properly half the job is done. Few steps listed below might be of some help in latching the baby correctly.

Steps For Breastfeeding Perfectly

Bring the baby wearing diaper and hold closely against your chest, and place his head below your chin. Ask the nurse to place the baby’s blanket across the baby’s back and cover both of you with a bed cover. Your skin temperature will give baby some warmth. Hold his neck with one hand and the other hand below his hips and bring him near your breast. So that he starts trying looking for the nipple. Keep the head a bit tilted towards back so that it becomes easier for him to suck and swallow milk.

Let your breast hang over his mouth so that the feel of the breast makes him open his mouth. Or you can get the baby to latch on by tickling the baby’s lips to encourage him to open his mouth wide open. When he opens the mouth pull the baby closer and the breast touches chin and lower jaw first.

Watch the lower lip and aim it as far from the base of nipple. So that the baby’s mouth is now full with your breast. Initially baby’s nose will be lined up with your nipple and you might feel that the baby is having problem in breathing but do not worry the nostrils flare to get as much air as the baby needs. Try supporting the upper back and shoulders of the baby tilting his head back a bit. This will help him to latch on to eat properly. This way you can you can latch the baby effectively and comfortably to breastfeed. Patience pays and this will help you in breastfeeding your baby perfectly. Blog sobre termux

Ways To Keep The Breastfeeding Supply Perfect

It is a simportant for the mother to keep the suplly of milk perfect as breastfeeding the baby perfectly . In both the cases if there is something missing the baby becomes irritated and will start showing withdrawal symptoms. So it is very important to keep perfect supply during breastfeeding . Following ways might help you in doing so.

Frequent Feedings:

The baby should be nursed 12-15 times daily with mothers milk . The more the muscles and the nerves of the breast get stimulated the more production of milk is there. When the baby latches on to mothers breast it stimulates the nerves around the breast thus increasing the secretion of milk. Never try to restrict the time or the number of fedds for the baby . Let him have his full and this will automatically ensure good amount of milk for the baby and both the breasts should be alternated after each feed to keep the perfect balance.

Take Rest During Feeds:

Thsi will ensure the breasts get rest and the flow of milk becomes unrestricted. Always feed your baby in a quet and calm place and you can nurse your baby by lying down whichever way you feel comfortable . The more comfortable you feel the more supply of milk will be there.

Eat Well Balanced Diet:

Eating a nutritios and timely diet also adds to the supply of milk . Try eating the foods rich in milk production. Drink as much milk as you can this will ensure good milk supply. Do not ever miss your meals because eating is directly linked to breast milk . If you will not eat the milk supply will decrease.

Drink Fluids:

Its not just milk but all the fuids should be taken regularily ti keep the milk supply prefect. Remember to drink plenty of fluids like juices or water or milk. In the night before sleeping drinking a glass pof milk also helps in keeping the milk supply alright during the night , because during nights we generally do not eat anything. If you are going out carry a water bottle or buy a battle of juice to replenish your milk supply.

Rest With Your Baby:

Thsi is the key rule which should be followed by all the nursing mothers and this is what they always forget to do . Sleep when your baby sleeps . But general tendency of the nursing mothers is whenever the baby sleeps they will start finishing the unfinished choires. Everything else can wait so try taking as much rest as you can this will keep your baby and you happy.

Tips For Successful Breastfeeding

Tips For Successful Breastfeeding

Breast feeding is not a rocket science it just needs your will power and your partners support and the job is done. Sometimes it gets frustrating for the first





Tips For Successful Breastfeeding
Tips For Successful Breastfeeding

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