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Eddie Murphy 48 Hours Quotes. The best trivia for 48 hours (1982). You're too fuckin' stupid to have a job!

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Released in united states on video january 26, 1999. The most famous and inspiring quotes from another 48 hrs. Was full of eddie murphy at his best.

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However, earlier in the film long before murphy's car is picked up in the garage, there is a scene of nick nolte driving through the streets of san francisco with murphy's dirty car in the scene. You're not even a goddamn name anymore!

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Written and recordings produced by brian o'neal. Eddie murphy took a break from showbiz for a long while though and his return to the big stage made me want to dig into his personality type.

Jack turns to reggie hammond, a black criminal who already helped him 7 years before.

It was directed by walter hill and stars eddie murphy, nick nolte, brion james, andrew divoff and ed o'ross. If you enjoyed eddie murphy's role as billy ray valentine, take a look at these famous lines by eddie murphy. The most famous and inspiring quotes from 48 hrs.

I wanna know what the f*** this is all about!

And the original 48 hours was full of eddie murphy at his best: Tell me a bedtime story, jack. fuck you! oh, that's one of my favorites. i don't like white people. The best movie quotes, movie lines and film phrases by movie quotes.com.

I would do a scene with a little kid and they’d turn to me afterwards and say, i love you eddie murphy.

These funny eddie murphy quotes will have you not only laughing, but thinking. He’s been around forever, and he has created some of the greatest characters and scenes in comedic history. 48 hours (1982) trailer, plus mistakes, goofs, trivia, quotes and more.

This time, chemistry is virtually all they have in a veritable rehash of the first film.

That means i'm enjoying this shit. (helps that it comes on the heels of some lovely fanservice.) The most famous and inspiring quotes from another 48 hrs. Never seen so many backwards ass country fucks in my life.

To prove his own innocence and avoid to be incriminated of murder, cates has 48 hours to find iceman.

Who expected these two to have chemistry? Who gives a goddamn what you like? Jump to navigation jump to search.

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