Causes Of Obesity In Young Children




The fast moving life and unhealthy lifestyle is making young generation lethargic and less energetic. They do not get time to exercise and eating habits are making them to pile up a lot of weight and this make them obese.

Being overweight and obesity invites a lot many diseases along with them. Many people think that if their child is fat then he is healthy but too much of fat is a sign of your child being unhealthy. Although fat is required by body to give the correct shape and beauty to our body but when it starts accumulating in excess amount then it has negative effects on the body.

Main causes of obesity

Unhealthy Lifestyle


In order to keep your fat and weight in control it is important to keep your body active and energetic. But due to modern lifestyle and the comforts being provided to them early in life they do not do any kind of physical labour. They are becoming slow and sluggish and want everything to be made easier and comfortable for them. Children these days just want to just sit and watch television, do not want to exercise and want to sleep till late which helps a lot in piling up a lot of weight. The parents are so much busy with their hectic schedules and work life that they do not have much time to pay attention to what their kids are doing.

Eating habits

Children are very much attracted to fast foods and when they should eat healthy food that is they should eat chapattis and vegetables with salad, they want to eat burgers and patties etc. These fast foods are another reason which helps them to pile up kilos on their body. These fast foods have very less amount of nutrition and are very high on calories. Eating too much of these foods and munching all the time while watching TV and eating too much of sweets adds a lot of fat in kids body.

Negative effect of medicine and diseases

Many medicines of diseases like thyroid, hormonal imbalance, and insulin for diabetes also cause obesity in younger people. Many teenagers are becoming so modern that they have sex early in age and thus they consume birth control pill regularly that is another reason which causes obesity in youngsters.

Genetic Influence

Many times it is the genes in the teenagers and the children which cause weight to add on their body. If their parents are fat then the child might also become obese. Genetic obesity has higher risk of diabetes and depression in children and youngsters. Mental Disturbance and stress causes more of adrenaline production which induces hunger pangs and thus they want to eat all eth time and gain weight.

Effects of obesity and diseases

Obesity affects each body part in different way. With increasing weight the digestive system becomes weaker and the risk of suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, ulcer, anaemia, blood pressure also increases. If the fat accumulation is too much and you lose weight then there will be wrinkle formation in the kids after weight loss. Obese people suffer from various stomach related diseases. Korean Beauty

Tips to reduce Fat

Change eating Habits

According to Ayurveda the first and foremost thing which you need to save your child from obesity is to remove all the fat increasing factors from his life. Well balanced diet accompanied with regular exercising will helps in losing weight. Every one eats perfect diet to reduce fat but there is a perfect way also for eating that well balanced diet and you should know it well to get best results. Always start the meal with salad or butter milk. Use fibre containing foods like seasonal fruits and vegetables to reduce the fat content in your body. Never skip your child’s breakfast even he should get into the habit of eating all the meals.

Eat lot of proteins

Every morning include proteins in your breakfast and milk is the best form of protein. So why not include milk or milk products with low fat in your breakfast, this will be a real nice option to start your day with proteins. Try and induce maximum amount of fibre containing foods like grains, gram or sprouts in his food. You can also give multi grain biscuits or make a nice bhel with sprouts this way he will love to eat that fibre rich food.

Yoga and Exercise regularly

Make exercising or yoga a regular part of your lifestyle. If you will do it every day your children be it younger ones or teenagers will also adopt the same from you. You can keep their weight maintained through regular exercising habit. It is not necessary that you have to work out for long hours to lose fat just half an hour is enough. You can ask them to choose any sport of their choice to exercise. Jogging, cycling, climbing stairs up and down, skipping rope, walking or running anything can be a good form of exercise which both of you can do and enjoy together.

Drink a lot of water and fruit juices

If you are trying to make him drink juices to keep weight under control then mix some water in order to reduce the acidic part of the juices. Try and avoid packaged juices and make him drink fresh juice only. Try to develop the habit of drinking enough water it will help in burning a lot of calories in the body and reducing fat too. Try to cut the intake of cold drinks as they are nothing but loads of calories.

Home remedies to lose fat

Take 25 grams of lime juice and 25 grams of honey and drink it every morning and evening to lose fat. Drinking one lime juice with water and some salt every morning and evening for 1-2 months also helps in losing weight. Eating 200 grams of apple and carrot (grated) each everyday helps in reducing fat and after eating it do not eat anything for 2 hours. Drinking radish juice with one lime juice everyday 2-3 times helps in losing weight. Mix equal amounts of mishri, big fenugreek and dry coriander seeds and make a powder. Drinking one teaspoon of this powder every morning with water also helps in reducing fat.

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Causes Of Obesity In Young Children

Causes Of Obesity In Young Children

The fast moving life and unhealthy lifestyle is making young generation lethargic and less energetic. They do not get time to exercise and eating habits are ma





Causes Of Obesity In Young Children
Causes Of Obesity In Young Children

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