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Visiting Long Beach in California, USA is not complete unless you visit The Queen Mary, a former majestic 20th century ocean liner which now functions as a unique floating hotel, comeplete with luxurious rooms, restaurants, shopping malls and other star studded attractions.

History of The Queen Mary

If you already know about the Queen Mary, you probably also know that the oceanliner happens to be one of the most haunted sites in the entire USA. However, that would not pose a problem for visitors who are not at all distubed by the ghostly entities that roam the ship.

Dating back to 1930, the Queen Mary was considered as one of the most elegant steam ships of its time, and was a favorite with elite members of the high society who loved the luxuruies offered by the ship. Throughout the years, the ship has maintained its nostalgic charm and exudes the same to this day; the very reason why it is frequented by guests far and wide!



The Queen Mary has a total of 314 rooms out of which there are 305 standard staterooms and 9 luxury suites. The staterooms come with different designs and decors with no two rooms being the same. The rooms have classic wood paneling, Art Deco mirrors which tastefully replace the portholes, authentic built in decors, and king sized beds (twin beds are also available); and offer wonderful views of the port or the starboard side of the liner.

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In addition to this, the rooms also come with additional amenities like flat panel televisions, satellite televisions, iPod docking clock radios, and refrigerators (upon request).

Guests staying at the hotel can also opt for room upgrades, and can choose between the Deluxe Staterooms (outside cabins) and the Family Staterooms (suitable for families and friends) according to their requirements.

The suites are deluxe cabins that come complete with living rooms, bedrooms and breakfast corners (limited to select rooms); alongwith the standard amenities present in the staterooms.


The Queen Mary has a total of 11 different eateries on board which include 3 signature restaurants, 4 casual eateries, and 4 bars. The restaurants are award winning establishmens that are authentically decorated and offer stunning views of Long Beach and the ocean beyond. These include the Chelsea Chowder House and Bar, Sir Winston’s Restaurant and Lounge and the Champagne Sunday Brunch.

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Grab some tasty tidbits and snacks at any of these eateries; Hollywood Deli, California Shakers, Promenade Café and Starboard Bakery. In addition to this, you can also enjoy refreshing cocktails and juices at these places within the ship; Sir Winston’s Lounge, Observation  Bar, Chelsea Chowder and Starboard Lounge.

General Amenities

The Queen Mary is a fully air conditioned hotel and so is a non smoking establishment.  The ship also offers is visitors plenty of additional amenities and facilities that can either be availed for free or for a small charge.

Queen Mary Spa

Offering its clients the best in skin care, massage and chiropracic services, the Queen Mary Spa is just the place to head out to if you need to get rejuvenated. Treatments include skin care, facials, hairstyling, makeovers, massages, pedicures and manicures. Guests can also opt for beauty and health packages, some of which include the Queen for a Day Package, the Queen’s Royal Secret Package and the Queen’s Royal Day of Beauty Package. Listas y rankings


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The other facilities on board the ship include a state of the art Business Center, a high end fitness center, and several boutiques and shops.


Wait until you see the First Class Shopping Arcade that is present inside the Queen Mary. Your eyes will definitely pop out of their sockets. For the shopping arcade on board the ship contains over a dozen different shops and boutiques, some of which are also present in the main hall.

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Some of the more popular stores in the arcade include Tee Shirt Territory, Scottish Heritage Center, Queen Mary Store, Scorpion Gift Shop, The Dragon Shoppe, Portside Necessities, Sea Walk Sunglasses, Land of Fruits and Nuts, Queen Mary Couture, Translantic Style and PastTimes Collectibles ect.

Vacation Packages

Guests visiting the Queen Mary can opt for vacation packages that would entitle them to get the best value for their money. And these vacation packages come with added benefits as well. Accordingly, there is the Discovery Package which includes a one night stay; and tickets to the ‘World War II’, ‘Behind the Scenes’, and ‘Ghost and Legends’ shows.

The Queen Mary Package would offer a one night stay at the hotel followed by a delicious breakfast at the promenade café the next morning. The package also includes tickets to the ‘Ghosts and Legends’, World War II’ and ‘Behind the Scenes’ tours. The Behind the Scenes Package contains access to an overnight stay and a morning breakfast at the Promenade Café; alongwith tickets to the ‘Queen Mary Behind the Scenes’ and the ‘Aquarium of the Pacific Behind the Scenes’ tours.

Opting for the Ocean Adventure Hotel Package would entitle you to an overnight stay in a historic stateroom alongwith tickets to ‘The Queen Mary’s Ghosts and Legends’ and ‘Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific’ shows.

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Honeymooners can opt for the Romance Package which would include dinner at the Promenade Café, Chelse Chowder House or Sir Winston’s Restaurant; an overnight stay in a deluxe cabin followed by breakfast the next morning in the the Promenade Café. The Romance Package also includes other niceties like chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne.

The simple Bed and Breakfast Package would enable you to stay overnight in a stateroom and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast the next morning at the Promenade Café. And the Bed and Brunch Package would enable you to enjoy the night in a stateroom and wake up late the next morning to enjoy brunch  (award winning Champagne Sunday Brunch) at the Grand Salon.

And then again, if you are an adventurous soul, you can opt for the Queen Mary’s Catalina Gateway Package which grants you an overnight stay in a first class stateroom, followed by a leisure ride aboard the Catalina Express to nearby Catalina Island where you can spend the entire day shopping and sight seeing before returning back to the ship at dusk.

Visiting The Queen Mary In Long Beach

Visiting The Queen Mary In Long Beach

Visiting Long Beach in California, USA is not complete unless you visit The Queen Mary, a former majestic 20th century ocean liner which now functions as a uni





Visiting The Queen Mary In Long Beach
Visiting The Queen Mary In Long Beach

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