Every Sean Connery Movie Ranked Worst To Best

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  Every Sean Connery Movie Ranked Worst To Best

In the middle of his James Bond days, Sean Connery took a detour to star in the romantic psychological thriller “Marnie” in 1964, directed by celebrated filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. Starring Tippi Hedren as Marnie, we meet a mysterious young woman and con artist who has just stolen $10,000 and changed her name. Later, she goes to work for Mark Rutland (Sean Connery), a publishing magnate in Philadelphia, with her eyes set on another score. This time, though, Rutland recognizes the woman as a thief. But rather than have her arrested, Rutland wants to help the troubled woman. 

Eventually, the two fall in love and marry, but Marnie is haunted by nightmares, and Rutland becomes determined to unlock the secrets of her shadowy past. A gripping, tension-filled drama, Connery and Hedren’s performances, along with Hitchcock’s masterful direction, turn an otherwise outlandish premise into an effective mystery. Though it’s not among the director’s best films, it’s certainly Connery’s most impressive thriller.

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