Every Zaxby’s Wing Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

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  Every Zaxby’s Wing Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

Nuclear Sauce, at three flame emojis, is the hottest sauce that Zaxby’s has to offer. Zaxby’s describes this sauce as a “mouth-detonating mix of atom-splitting heat and serious flavor fallout.” An amusing, but inaccurate, description, as the heat level doesn’t even exceed what we’d describe as “mildly radioactive” levels. 

What we mean by this is that is, yes, this sauce is hot enough to get your attention, but not so hot that you’ll feel like you could go up against Adam Richman to see who can eat the hottest wings. Richman, at least the circa 2010s version, would laugh at these wings. He’d still eat them, but he wouldn’t be the slightest bit fazed by the spice level.

Still, the fact that Zaxby’s Nuclear sauce isn’t as incendiary as advertised is actually a positive as far as we’re concerned. Fast food condiments aren’t meant to confer bragging rights, after all. Instead, they’re simply there to enhance the food, and this sauce has a nice heat level that can do just that without completely overwhelming the chicken or causing gratuitous mouth pain. 

While none of Zaxby’s wing sauces is going to give B-Dubs a run for their money, still, it’s still one of the few fast food chains that is attempting to offer several wing sauce options and the Nuclear Sauce is the best of the bunch as long as you like fairly spicy food.

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