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  Family Of Kevin Samuels Says GoFundMe Launched For Funeral Costs Is Fake

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Kevin Samuels

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The death of Kevin Samuels sent waves of surprise and shock throughout social media due to the sudden nature of the controversial media figure’s passing. The family of the late Samuels says that a GoFundMe reportedly launched to cover funeral costs was not initiated by their side and rejected the funds even though they were offered the cash.

TMZ reports that the family of Samuels says that the person behind the GoFundMe erected in honor of the popular host is unknown to them and thusly rejected the monies raised. With the GoFundMe going public, those who had their share of criticism of Samuels and his sharp barbs took the moment to take personal swipes. ORDENAMIENTOS SORTEOS C++

From TMZ:

Social media was buzzing after the fundraising page popped up, many calling Kevin’s family hypocrites for seeking financial help … as he always preached a message of financial independence without handouts.

However, a source with direct knowledge tells us they reached out to Kevin’s family to verify the account and learned the family did NOT create it … so GoFundMe scrubbed the fundraiser from its platform.

According to Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office report, Kevin Samuels was 53.

Photo: Screencap

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