Famous Celebrities Who Died In Their 30s

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  Famous Celebrities Who Died In Their 30s

On August 26, 1990, Stevie Ray Vaughan played a concert in Wisconsin with other musicians, including Eric Clapton. Earlier that day, Guitar World says Vaughan had mentioned a weird dream he had where he’d died and was watching his own funeral. Sadly, that dream would be proficient, and the show would be his last.

Eric Clapton told Rolling Stone the show was incredible. Vaughan had been sober for three years, and it showed. Clapton recalled, “When he played that night, he had all of us standing [there] with our jaws dropped. I mean, Robert Cray and Jimmie Vaughan and Buddy Guy were just watching in awe. There was no one better than him on this planet. Really unbelievable.” ¿Qué es el protocolo CTAP y por qué se utiliza?

But after the show ended, they all wanted to get back to Chicago quickly, and piled into helicopters. “There was a convoy of helicopters, about five of them, and they had to go back through this very thick fog up to about 100 feet above the ground,” Clapton explained. “And once we came out of that, we just took off for Chicago. When I got back, I went straight to bed. And I was woken about seven in the morning by my manager, Roger Forrester, saying that the helicopter with Stevie Ray and our chaps hadn’t come back. And then a bit later, someone discovered the wreckage. That was it.” The helicopter carrying Vaughan and others, including Clapton’s agent, crashed into a mountain, killing all on board. Vaughan was 35.

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